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If only I had a penny for every time I saw or heard misinformation about college in Europe!

Almost daily, I see incorrect, outdated, or over-generalized info about higher education in Europe. Social media is full of items shared by well-intentioned people -- whose knowledge is limited to their own unique experience and needs.

I also see questionable info on many free online portals and platforms which accept sponsorship and financial incentives from individual universities. These platforms often send people in the wrong direction by leaving out many outstanding options. (Unlike these, Beyond The States never accepts money or other support from any colleges or universities, so our recommendations are 100% honest, truly individualized, and totally unbiased.)

Meet Olivia, Henry, and Kayla

Olivia was sure she wanted a school in Sweden that a family friend had attended. The problem? Sweden’s admissions timeline made it impossible for her to attend straight from high school.  She learned this only after applying and came to Beyond the States to identify other options.

Henry was all set to apply to several different European business schools. But he started from scratch when he learned the meaning of key terms like triple crown accreditation and universities of applied sciences.

Kayla spent junior and senior year taking all AP classes, many of which were in subjects that didn’t interest her. She didn’t have time for extracurriculars, a job, or much time with friends…only to find out that her perfect European college only required 3 AP scores.

What Fits Someone Else Might Not Fit You

With over 3000 programs taught in English (and eye-poppingly affordable tuitions), college in Europe could be a great choice for you.

But like anything, what fits someone else might not fit you. It can difficult to find what you need from the overwhelming volume of information.

And a good deal of the European college info found online simply doesn’t apply to Americans.

Understanding how U.S. academic qualifications and interests translate into the various European systems can often be quite tricky.

Start Your European College Research With These 3 Self-Paced Courses

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Choosing A Major is a 3-part course, helpful even if you’re pretty sure what you want to study. Through lessons and exercises, you’ll learn how your unique interests translate into different study areas and shows you which European programs you’re most aligned with.

Choosing A University is another 3-part course which helps you determine your own individualized criteria for choosing a program and a school. We cover quantifiable criteria around budget, admissions requirements, and fields of study. We also dive into what to look for (and red flags) around schools, programs, locations, and student life.

Admissions in Europe is a popular 4-part course that helps you understand Europe’s entirely different admissions process. We go through the admissions requirements of different countries, address potential obstacles, headaches, and solutions, and provide a walkthrough of the motivation letter and CV.

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