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Podcast: Transparent Admissions Requirements

Relevance: 100%      Posted on: August 27, 2016

Jenn begins by touching down on the problems with the US higher education admissions processes and the increase in the number of US schools with extremely low acceptance rates. Maarten Dikhoff, an administrator from Groningen University, explains how different the admissions process is when students apply to schools in the Netherlands and Europe. The transparent and objective admissions criteria present a refreshing change to those accustomed to the US systems. Spoiler alert-they don't care about your SAT scores or extracurricular activities!   Resources US News College Acceptance Rates Race to Nowhere Vicky Abeles Vicky Abeles quote Groningen University website…

“How Can I Transfer to a University in Europe?”

Relevance: 98%      Posted on: September 9, 2020

I’ve been getting a lot of emails from college students in the US these days. Whether it’s due to the political climate in the US, frustration with how their universities (or fellow students) handled the pandemic, or seeing ROI issues around US higher education first hand, these students are seeking alternatives. Some have a year or more of college credits and others are working on their associate’s degree. The question I’m getting from these students is “How do I transfer to a university in Europe?” I wish I had a concise answer, but it takes a bit of explaining and…

A Standout University to Study in Spain

Relevance: 87%      Posted on: February 12, 2020

A Standout University to Study in Spain I don’t get excited about every school I visit. There are some that are fine, but not especially impressive. Other visits lead to  a few concerns. There are some that would be great for a very specific group of students, but not the majority. While I share this information with Beyond the States members in various ways, I don’t write blogs about these schools. I was a little concerned about visit to review options to study in Spain.A few years ago, I went to Barcelona and it was incredibly difficult to get information…

Applied Learning and Fun in The Hague

Relevance: 85%      Posted on: December 17, 2017

Show Notes Title: Student Social Scene and Universities of Applied Sciences Description In this episode, Jenn looks are two questions: What is the social life like for international students? And what is a University of Applied Sciences? Universities of Applied Sciences focus on getting students ready to enter the workforce as opposed to the purely theoretical approach one would find at a research university. In some countries, UASs are viewed as inferior, while in the Netherlands, they’re viewed as simply different. In this episode, Jenn interviews Hannah Remo. Originally from a small town in New Jersey, Hannah is currently studying…

Experience Day at a College in Europe

Relevance: 81%      Posted on: December 5, 2016

Show Notes Title: Experience Day at a College in Europe Description: How does a student decide on which program is best for him? What is that selection process like? This episode’s guest is Sam Viemont, son of Jennifer and Tom Viemont. The episode covers Jenn & Sam’s recent trip to the Netherlands to visit Leiden University for the school’s Experience Day. Guest: Sam Viemont Download this episode (right click and save) Notes: Leiden University International Studies Program SciencesPo Middle East Study Program Binding Study Advice Admissions Process Podcast Leiden University Student Housing B2 Language Proficiency Practicing International Studies Six Dutch…

Theo’s Cost Comparison

Relevance: 79%      Posted on: June 28, 2016

We've already written one cost comparison post showing how college in Europe with low tuition is much more affordable than a public university or a private university in the US. This caused us to ask another question: does it still make financial sense when the tuition is not the incredibly low €1000 per year that Jared will be paying? We think the answer is "Yes" for a number of reasons, but let's look at the numbers. Theo is a strong student from a good high school in Venice, California. His grades and 6 AP classes were more than enough to…

Podcast: College in Europe: What You Need to Know

Relevance: 72%      Posted on: September 24, 2016

Episode 5: College in Europe: What You Need to Know Show Notes Description In this podcast, Jenn covers the basic concepts about going to college in Europe. She explains the different types of higher education institutions in Europe, the types of degree programs, along with housing and student life. Resources CNN Money article: Americans are Moving to Europe for Free College Degrees What is the difference between a school, college and university in the USA? Terms to Know About Studying in Europe Frequently Asked Questions About College in Europe Do You Have What It Takes? Escape the Madness of

Choices in Sustainability, Water, and Climate Change

Relevance: 72%      Posted on: September 18, 2020

Recently, disturbing images have been seared into the collective consciousness from the wildfires raging across the western United States. At the same time, there are wildfires burning in the Brazil, too. In January 2020, wildfires devastated large parts of the Australian countryside. In the United States, there is some debate over issues of climate change and sustainability that I won’t go into here. These topics are viewed differently in many parts of continental Europe. They’re seen as opportunities for growth and learning. This goes beyond learning for the sake of learning, though, and is about affecting change at scale. In…