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All around Europe with Anya

Episode Summary

Welcome back to another episode of the Beyond the States podcast! In today’s interview with Jenn, Anya talks about a unique study program in Europe in which a student studies in a different city/country each year.

Far away from her birthplace in Colorado, now a student in ESCP University, our guest will talk about how she found the right college in the EU, why she’d decided for that kind of program, and what track she’ll pursue in time to come. Anya reveals how it’s like to learn foreign languages and cultures (3 times in a row) during challenging times of COVID issues, and much more!

Besides, Jenn is having a word about who has made her life considerably easier during her stay in Portugal. Have you ever heard about Bruno “The Fixer”?


Anya Berchtold

What you will hear in this episode:

  • ESCP program: Studying in 3 different countries
  • Who is Bruno, and how he “fixed” Jenn’s life in Portugal
  • Using school & system resources, or going full self-righteous way
    (or… using someone like Bruno)
  • From Boulder, Colorado, to being Down and Up in Paris and London
  • Finding the right college and study program in Europe
  • Anya’s EU roots and family background
  • The choices in ESCP: Paris, London, Madrid, Turin, Berlin… Where to go?
  • Student life in EU: How it’s like to adjust, find a residence, and much more
  • The Graduation: The % of students that go to the Master, and the % of students that go to the workforce (and what % gets the job)

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