Life Before, During, and After College

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Episode Summary

There are some incredible university choices all around the world, including the US. However, there is a widespread belief that the US higher education system is the best in the world. Jenn summarizes specific studies that debunk this belief.

Later in the episode, Jenn and her guest discuss other aspects of studying and students’ lives before, during, and after college. Jenn has a conversation with Jeffrey Selingo, the best-selling author of numerous useful books about higher education. Jeff shares some interesting points and situations he faced while collecting and researching data in this field for more than two decades.

“Life is not a straight line. There are going to be failures. Learn from people that you can identify with.”, Jeffrey Selingo

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What you will hear in this episode:

  • What are some of the most disturbing and surprising things about the college admission process
  • Why success in college is not about where students go, but “how” they go
  • How name recognition is different from what we think and expect it to be
  • What are more useful criteria when looking for a college than the ranking and selectivity rates
  • What skills do graduates miss when it comes to employability
  • How traveling and studying abroad is beneficial to our soft skills improvement
  • How parents’ visions of college can put pressure on children


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