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Major changes made since the launch of Beyond the States.
10th of December 2022
  • Performance improvements, new area of study and school search options. Now you can search for programs within schools and specific areas of study! Works for bachelor's only. Master's coming soon!
27th of October 2022
  • Added tuition filtering by range. You can now search for free programs. Sort by country added.
22th of October 2022
  • Added consultations, improved navigation, clearer messaging, better resource discovery.
18th of October 2022
  • An entirely new experience is live! We've thoroughly simplified navigation, searching, and expanded the explanation for our services. We hope you like it!
10th October 2022
  • Fixed add-on purchasing bugs.
  • Added FAFSA filter
  • Added AP filter
  • Programs now open in a new window for easier browser.
16th September 2022
  • The new Beyond the States launches, features a brand new database, powerful searching, and easier discovery.
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