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The European college landscape can be confusing and frustrating, but it doesn't have to be. We designed these courses to help parents and students navigate the process without the overwhelm or mistakes.
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All About Netherlands
by Jennifer Viemont
A popular 7-lesson course due to the number and range of English-taught bachelor’s degree options in The Netherlands. Covers basic and specific information about the Dutch universities, academic life, student life, housing, admissions, and financial considerations.
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Admissions In Europe
by Jennifer Viemont
This popular 4-part course helps you understand Europe’s entirely different admissions process. We go through the differing admissions requirements of different countries, address potential obstacles, headaches, and solutions, and walk through the motivation letter and CV.
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Choosing A University
by Jennifer Viemont
This 4-part course helps you determine your own criteria for choosing a program and school. We cover quantifiable criteria around budget, admissions requirements, and fields of study. We also discuss what to look for (and red flags) in schools, programs, locations, and student life.
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How to Choose A Major
by Jennifer Viemont
This 3-part course is helpful even if you’re pretty sure what you want to study. Through lessons and exercises, you’ll learn how your unique interests translate into the different study areas in Europe, and which programs you’re most aligned with.
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Business Programs
by Jennifer Viemont
4 lessons cover the similarities and differences of business programs at research universities, universities of applied science, and business schools. Learn about accreditations, admissions, and specific programs with unique offerings.
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On Your Mark

Masterclass by Jennifer Viemont

At the end of this six week course, you should have an understanding of why you want to study in Europe (beyond cost) as well as how to explore any remaining concerns. You'll cement knowledge of areas of study that align with their interests, preferably those the combine more than one interest area. Get an understanding of the strengths they already have as well as those they need to cultivate to succeed as an international student.
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Get Set

Masterclass by Jennifer Viemont

This 3-week Masterclass covers European university application terms, timelines, and processes that U.S. students and high school counselors may not be familiar with. It will help you determine what you need to apply, how to gather those items, how to be sure those items meet the university specifications, a timeline for each of the European schools they will apply to, and how to write a motivation letter.
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