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The On Your Mark Masterclass is one of our bestselling services and always fills to capacity!

It’s a BIG opportunity because many of you are eager for your kids to explore college in Europe, but don’t know how to turn over the reigns to them. You want them to be fully involved in the process, but they don’t have guidance around it at school and probably don’t have any friends pursuing these options. These classes put the students themselves in the driver’s seat of the process (while keeping you in the loop, of course) and also helps them create community with other teens who are looking for a university in Europe.

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On Your Mark

On Your Mark is a 6 week class offered 3 times a year. The fall and summer class are often filled seniors and some juniors, while the winter session is generally composed of juniors and some sophomores.

The winter session is held from January 9th-February 19th with live calls at 4 pm eastern on January 16th, January 30th, and February 13th.

The class includes video lessons and assignments that the student can do at times that fit their schedules. Parents receive an email at the beginning of each week so they are aware of what students are learning and doing with the course each week.

The other benefits of this course are the community it builds among students pursuing these options as well as the personalized feedback from Jenn. These are achieved through group calls, a private instagram group (which includes participation from current students in Europe), and scheduled email exchanges with Jenn. This includes feedback on study area, specific programs, and next steps for On Your Mark students, and a motivation letter review for Get Set students.

At the end of this 6 week class students will:

  • An understanding of why they want to study in Europe (beyond cost) as well as how to explore any remaining concerns.
  • Knowledge of areas of study that align with their interests, preferably those the combine more than one interest area.
  • A short list of 3-5 programs that match their qualifications, budget, academic interest areas, and other preferences.
  • An understanding of the strengths they already have as well as those they need to cultivate to succeed as an international student.
  • A concrete plan for next steps.


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Save 20% on the On Your Mark Masterclass!

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Read what our students and their parents had to say about the class!

I found this class extremely helpful because finding information about European schools could be very difficult especially if you don’t have a college counsellor to ask (like me). I learned a lot about the process of applying and it helped me kind of narrow down what I’m interested in academically. There were pieces of information that I learned from this course that you can’t really find on the internet because it’s something you learn from experience. Thank you 🙂

- Makena Behnke

One thing that I found very helpful in this course was getting to communicate with people who were considering the same things I was and getting to listen to them pick Jenn’s brain during the zoom calls.

- Naomi Norris

When our daughter approached us about going her entire schooling in Europe, I gave it a 10% chance of happening. Because of Jenn and BTS, we have no doubt that we will be visiting our child abroad while she studies. Jenn has provided key research and guidance for our family. I hate to admit but before we started this journey, I had quite a bit of American exceptionalism when it came to education…I was wrong!

- Kelly Thompson

I loved the class because Jenn made me feel very confident in the application process. I loved that it was so organized because it helped me gather all the information I needed beforehand, which made the process a lot less daunting. The class gave specific information on the motivation letter, CV, interview process, etc. and I wouldn’t have been able to complete the process this smoothly without the class. I am so thankful for Beyond the States!

- Camille Smith

Well first off, I ordered the Best Fit List which was the most helpful thing. Then the class itself was hugely helpful as it simplified the process and gave very easy to understand information on how to apply and how to choose and research the colleges. 100% worth it, if I had tried to do the process myself I would be so lost.

- Helen Worsnop

As a parent who already has a daughter studying in Europe, I thought I would have no problem guiding my son thru the process. But even after scouring the data base on Beyond the States and visiting numerous schools, my son was slightly overwhelmed and non committal about his choices. Signing up for the Masterclass allowed my son to take control of the process of finding the right program and university. With Jenn’s guidance, he went thru a methodical and logical step by step process of narrowing down his choices. He began to have a clearer focus of what he wanted to study and the ideal location and program for those studies. He became more confident in his choices rather than relying on the advice of well meaning but ill informed counselors at school. In fact his 1st and 2nd choices before starting the Masterclass, did not even make the list after taking the class. He now has a short list, along with a back up school, of programs to apply to and to be excited about. I highly recommend this program to any student wanting to apply to European schools but unsure of where to start. Jenn breaks down the process over a 6 week period and gives the students the tools to effectively sift thru the thousands of programs to come up with a short list of choices they can feel confident about.

- Laura H Miezejeski

This class was an eyeopening experience into the world of European college. It was very well taught by someone who knows everything there is to know about European college. It was comforting to have the ability to talk to other students in the same situation as I am, reassuring me that I am not alone is my unique choice of college. The lessons were very well structured and helped me tremendously at finding programs I could see myself attending. At the start, I had no idea, and by the end of the class I had 5 programs I was very interested in. Overall, this class has prepared me for my next step in life in ways I could not have ever imagined. Would greatly recommend!

- Ethan Fite

Super helpful! The class told me everything i needed to know about the application process and how I need to go into the application process with a different mindset than i have been taught in high school. The lists were very helpful and i will definitely be using them next year when i start applying abroad!

-Madde Johnson

This class helped me immensely to find colleges overseas and select from them. Highly recommended!

-Antoine Guerin


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