Executive Functioning Skills

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Episode Summary

Jenn’s son, Sam has been struggling with implementing and sticking with organizational systems since his 5th grade. Even though the question of whether Sam suffers from ADHD remains unsolved, one is for sure, he lacks Executive Functioning skills. Therefore, in today’s episode, Jenn is joined with Jenna Prada, the creator, and director of Private Prep’s Executive Functioning Programs. Jenna shares some of her strategies for helping students to overcome common executive functioning struggles, gain motivation, and learn time management skills.

Moreover, you will learn why it is counterproductive to protect your teens from failure, when parents should reach for professional help, why do we have executive dysfunctions as adults, and how to solve them later in life. Tune in and find out more!

“There is no kid that grows into their adult life and doesn’t need any systems. Even if you can get your way through college, adulting is hard. We all need systems.”, Jenna Prada

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What you will hear in this episode:

  • The importance of students experiencing failure
  • The benefits of collaborating with private prep organizations and coaches
  • What executive functioning skills are and,
  • When and how these skills are developed
  • The relation between executive functioning skills and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
  • How children can process the same advice differently when it’s given by parents vs. when it’s given by experts
  • When is the right moment for parents to implement assistance in their child’s education system
  • How parents can overcome children’s resistance by asking questions instead of giving advice
  • What is metacognition
  • The differences between men’s and women’s brains and how they can affect our potential in life
  • The executive functioning skills that are important for college students
  • The differences between executive functioning coaching and therapy
  • What are the most important things people should consider when choosing group or individual help services


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