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Tampere, Finland
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Summer S.
Posted on June 6th
Traveling to Ireland November to visit Trinity, UCD, NUI Galway.Any kiddos there to connect with? And recs on places to stay?
Morty S.
Replied on June 6th
We stayed at Sandymount hotel in Dublin after picking our son up at UCD for the summer hs program. Had a great experience. Hotel is a bit out of the city center but easy access to everything and quiet.
Morty S.
Replied on June 6th
Not sure how long you will be in Dublin or Galway but here are some thoughts...

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Nicky Jam,
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Ghent University
Business Administration
I selected this program for you because you mentioned your Emmy...
Paris Institute of Political Studies
This program matches your tuition and lifestyle choices, and I think...
Utrecht University
Although we highly recommend you delegate to a CFO, this program...
Dublin City University
This program matches most with you, and you get to party in Ireland...
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Jennifer Viemont
Reviewed by Jenn Viemont
Reading through it, it seems that life experiences and new information motivate your learning and that you are very open to and engaged with discoveries about yourself, the world, etc. I had to read through it a few times to get to that though. I would lead with each of the types of things that motivate you with an example. For instance, "My time experiencing other countries led me to my love of languages and desire to effectively communicate with more of the world. Seemingly smaller experiences, such as when I first hear a new song or band and wind up discovering that I like a new genre of music, or even simply coming across terms I’ve never heard of before in books, leading me to expand my horizons via a million google searches."
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