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Until 2015, I had no idea that there were degree programs held at European universities (outside of the UK) that were taught entirely in English. When I learned about this, I began to explore the possibilities for my own kids and found that there was no objective single source of information. I knew other families and student would be interested and started Beyond the States. I personally visit schools and we don't accept money from the universities, so that we can provide honest and comprehensive information.

There are hundreds of universities in continental Europe that offer a combined total of more than 6200 Master's degree programs, with an average tuition of under $8,000 per year, and more than 1800 options under $3500 per year.

Beyond the States provides everything you need to research and navigate the 6200+ English taught master's degree programs in Europe! The resources and community take you from just learning about the existence of these possibilities to choosing schools, to applying, and everything that occurs between acceptance and getting on the plane to start this life-changing experience!


If you want to explore the world before settling down....

If you want to increase your starting salary by 28%....

If you don't want to be saddled with any more student debt...

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Jenn Viemont

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For less $ than a tank of gas, Beyond The States Membership lets you:

  • Find Your Best Options in Minutes. Eliminate months of research using our unbiased database of English taught programs to find the master’s degree programs that match your individual preferences (not the UK and Ireland).
  • Get Firm Answers. So many questions. So many opinions. Join Beyond The States founder Jenn Viemont for direct answers to your specific questions during this live Members-Only Q&A Call.
  • Learn and Connect. Benefit from the actual experiences of other parents and students in our Private Member Facebook Community.
  • Gain Valuable Insight. Access practical Online Workshops covering student life, housing, and other topics about studying in Europe.
  • Monthly Office Hours. Every month, Jenn posts a recording with her answers to member-submitted questions.
  • Save With Discounts. Enjoy substantial discounts off our Best Fit Services.
  • Online Course. Monthly webinars provide a deep dive into topics related to choosing a school in Europe. We look at admissions criteria, budget, location considerations, quality indicators, and more!

Try Beyond The States for 50% Off Your First Month.

(Normally $74)

Limited time offer. Cancel anytime.

Our Members Love Beyond The States

Beyond The States members now study in Austria, France, Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, The Netherlands, and Hungary. And they’re loving every minute of this life-changing experience!

BTS Reassured Us This Is The Right Direction. The Beyond the States database allows us to sort and filter to find just the schools that have what we are looking for, which is very helpful. Then the webcasts I have found confirming and reassuring as you really give a lot of relevant detail about the various subjects. Most comforting though have been the Q&A calls. As we have narrowed down our findings, we have more and more specific questions and not knowing can be worrisome. Being able to ask directly and hear your knowledgeable answers continues to reassure us that this is the right direction for us. It’s a big deal doing something that outside the box and having your constant positive support is really key for us to continue to have the confidence to do this. Now that we’ve visited, it really seems within reach.


I wish that Beyond the States existed when I was in high school! Without the database, and your assistance via the Best Fit list, I highly doubt, nay can say with almost absolute surety, that my longtime desire to study in Europe would be just months on the horizon. When you are unaware of how many programs are out there, and how to even go about searching for them, its an incredibly laborious task, as I’m sure you know all too well.
I’ve applied to multiple schools in Europe, after receiving feedback from Jenn via a “Best Fit” list. Two of my favorites, one of which I’ve already been notified I’ve been accepted to, were not in countries I initially had in mind! If it were not for the “Best Fit” list, those outstanding programs and schools would unfortunately not have been on my radar, as it were.


Our membership with Beyond the States was the single most crucial piece of our daughter’s college seeking journey. The tools and services provided allowed our daughter to easily select programs of interest based on her likes and admission criteria. The process is transparent, and by choice, she avoided much of the unnecessary stress and complication that has taken over the standard American process. She leaves tomorrow for Europe. We know she will graduate without loans and have uncountable opportunities that could not be duplicated here. Jennifer’s commitment, connections, and desire to share resources with others is what makes Beyond The States shine.


Try Beyond The States for 50% Off Your First Month.

(Normally $74)

Limited time offer. Cancel anytime.