How to Use the GI Bill for College in Europe

Josh is a former US Marine from Florida who now studies International Relations at the University of Warsaw in Poland.  His first international exposure came during his years of overseas duty. His posting to the Marine Corps Embassy Security Group  really increased his interest in higher education and stoked a desire for continued international experiences.  He also met his now-wife while serving at the US Embassy in Warsaw.  Josh’s studies are financed through the GI Bill which, until recently, I didn’t realize could be used to fund college in Europe (more info here)!

GI Bill college in europeWhy Are Veterans So Well Suited for College or Grad School in Europe?

  • Through their service, they’ve gained international exposure.
  • They tend to be older and more mature than typical college students in the US.
  • Their benefits really are confined to state schools in which they live or have residency,, since $23,672 won’t go very far for towards out of state or private school tuition.
  • They also tend to know what they want to study, so Gen Ed requirements may seem like a waste of time.
  • Their experience in the military has taught the skills needed to deal with bureaucratic processes that are often involved in studying abroad.

What Are the Benefits Under the GI Bill?

Post 9/11 bill-varies based on the amount of time served after 9/11. Those who had active duty for 3 months get 40% of benefits up to those who served for 3 years who get 100% of benefits.

100% of benefits include:

  • Full tuition for in state and up to $23,672 for out of state or private or international (vets can get in state tuition where they live or have official residence).
  • $1,000 per year for books.
  • $1,650 monthly living allowance.

Here are examples of programs that might be interesting to vets that are covered by the GI Bill:

Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn, Estonia

Program: Cyber Security Engineering

The curriculum is designed to provide higher education in the extremely hot field of Cyber Security, integrating software development and IT systems administration. Graduates of this curriculum will be able to independently design, operate and manage secure IT systems. Cyber security personnel are in high demand right now. The unemployment rate in the field is 0% and there are estimates that there will be 3.5 million unfilled positions in 2021.

Tuition: 2,400 EUR per year

Duration: 3 years

Erasmus University Rotterdam, Rotterdam, the Netherlands 

Program: Management of International Social Challenges

How can you help local, national and international governing bodies in addressing contemporary thorny problems such as youth unemployment, care for the elderly, sustainable water management, crime and delinquency, early school leaving? In this  program, you will learn how to research, analyse and contribute to solutions for these kind of challenges.

Tuition: 6,600 EUR per year

Duration: 3 years

Riga Technical University, Riga, Latvia

Program: Medical Engineering and Physics

This diverse and exciting program covers the research and analysis of many of the latest advances in medicine. Graduates work with the design, development, testing, control and maintenance of medical equipment, devices and instruments. In addition, they work at service, certification, monitoring, production, design and research companies.

Tuition: 2,970 EUR per year

Duration: 4.5 years

Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen, Denmark

Program: Business, Asian Language and Culture – International Business in Asia.

This unique program combines business expertise with Asian political, economic and cultural understanding and Chinese language skills. Mandarin is increasingly becoming the principal Asian business language along with English.

Tuition: 9,500 EUR per year

Duration: 4 years

How Can Beyond the States Help?

Currently, 214 of the 743 schools in our database accept the GI Bill and we are learning about more schools that do all the time, so this number will only continue to increase. That’s over 850 bachelor’s programs to choose from that take the GI Bill today in our database, along with all the information to make the process of getting to college in Europe much more manageable.

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