Impact of International Education on Student’s Career Development

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Episode Summary

What does the research say about the benefits of studying abroad? Why are American students far behind the world when it comes to studying abroad? Why do only 10-14% of college freshmen end up studying abroad even though 63% of them wish to take a semester beyond the states? Tune in as Jenn answers these questions!

Later in the episode, Jenn opens a discussion with Marty Tillman, a prolific speaker, an author, an advocate for international studies, and the president of Global Career Compass. Marty shares his valuable experience in working with young people, bringing their needs closer to the listeners of this episode. Furthermore, the guest of the show reveals the impacts of international education on students’ career development and goes through some of the most common concerns students and their parents have. Lend an ear to this week’s podcast and find out more!

“There is a career impact, and there is no question for me. It’s got to be discussed with the student about the importance of what they are going to undertake. They need not to minimize the potential impact on their career.” Marty Tillman

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What you will hear in this episode:

  • How Marty Tillman started his personal and professional life path
  • The way globalization changed European universities – finding new ways to attract foreign students
  • Enormous benefits of studying abroad which, unfortunately, only 10% of the US students use
  • A high correlation between being ready to study abroad and being ready to achieve career goals
  • Why communication with students is crucial when it comes to comparing college programs and career paths
  • What is a meaningful job for students
  • COVID restrictions vs. travel restrictions vs. university restrictions
  • Learning the second language and intercultural understanding


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