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Episode Summary

In today’s episode, Jenn has an interesting discussion with Tiffany, a parent of one of our members, Ethan. She became so interested in the Beyond the States process herself so that she’s amid planning admission for herself and her husband – for a Master degree program in the EU!

Furthermore, Tiffany talks about how she became so open to new possibilities in her life, background stories about traveling & different experiences, and gives an answer to the most important question for all seniors about high education (and chasing dreams): Is it too late, can I do this? Tune in and find the answer!

“There’s not just one right path for everyone.” Jenn

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Guest: Tiffany Fite

What you will hear in this episode:

  • How a mother of BTS member got interested in a European masters degree program
  • Open-minded approach: Tiffany’s background and work experiences
  • How important it is when it comes to a specific location when students say they want to study in a specific country. Is this the best starting point for your strategy?
  • How you can still get your preferences of location met without having a specific country in mind: The case of France and Germany
  • Jenn’s question for all students: Why do you want to live & study exactly there?
  • Why living somewhere is different than traveling somewhere
  • How and when did Tiffany start exploring the options
  • The affordability of studying in Europe compared to the USA
  • Family with an extreme case of Wanderlust: From Boise to Brno
  • The nomadic life: What do their friends and family say about their choices?
  • All about the BTS October Special


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