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The time to explore college in Europe is now!

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You probably now know that there are an abundance of English-taught bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in Europe. You know about the benefits around affordable tuition, transparent admissions processes, life experiences, and employability. But you haven’t started exploring the options yet…

Maybe you think your student is too young to start looking at the options. Or maybe you think you are learning about this too late in the game to adequately research the possibilities. Or maybe figuring out where to start the research has been too overwhelming.

We got you!

Have a student the class of 25 or 26?

Many parents think freshman year is too young to start. I agree that it is too young to choose a specific program and school, but it’s not too young to start considering the idea or and options around college in Europe. I recently had a roundtable discussion with a number of our members who are studying in Europe. Many of them said that they wish they had started the exploration earlier in high school! They all said that this would have helped with course planning, allowing them to pursue electives (related or unrelated to their area of study), spread out the APs, and not stress about US admissions requirements.

Spending some time digging into this information will help you all decide whether or not a college in Europe is something you want to keep on your list of possibilities Many families join Beyond the States during this time, either for a few months or by upgrading our lifetime membership option. Joining at this stage of the game can serve many purposes:

You can confirm that there are enough options of interest. You might find that there are enough appealing options that you won’t need to participate in the US admission process.
You can check whether the types of programs and countries that appeal to you have extra admissions requirements (AP and sometimes SAT) which will allow you to plan your courses accordingly.
You can plan deliberate ways to explore academic interests and explore how they might relate to potential areas of study (and utilize our member resources around this.

Have a junior, senior, or recent grad who may enjoy the opportunities in Europe?

It’s not too late! There are a number of resources we offer to help with this stage. This is the prime time for our On Your Mark Masterclass, which is offered in the summer and fall. This is a six-week class that takes students through the process of choosing an area of study and identifying the schools and programs that best fit their individual needs. The other benefit is the community it builds with other students who are pursuing these options

Many families opt for our best selling Best Fit List during junior and senior year. This is a service in which I personally hand pick 3-5 programs that meet the students individual needs and circumstances

These services are available with or without membership, but the ongoing member resources are incredibly valuable at this stage. We have a group of student ambassadors (BTS members already studying in Europe) who answer member questions in our students-only facebook group and parents who have navigated these options who provide incredible support and information in our members only facebook group. Membership also includes access to monthly answers from me through Office Hours recordings, as well as webinars, discounts, monthly highlighted programs, searchable database access, and more! The annual membership is perfect for juniors, as it provides two months free as well as credits to be used for BTS services. If there are other students in the home who may pursue the options (whether younger or older for grad school) the lifetime membership can provide tremendous savings as well!

Need some advice about a specific situation or question?

Let’s set up a time to talk! You can use this discount towards a 30 minute consultation with me (conducted through zoom).

Remember-exploring the options does not have to mean that you are committed to them! The research will allow you to make an informed decision about where you study, be it in the US, Europe, or elsewhere in the world. Bottom line is that though there are certainly ideal times to start the process, it’s not too early or too late no matter what stage you are in!

Jenn Viemont

Founder, Beyond the States

The time to explore college in Europe is now!

Save $50 our most popular services with coupon code “timeisnow”

Limited time offer. Cancel anytime.

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Get your totally personalized list of the best 3-5 specific schools/programs matching your personality, preferences, interests, skills, qualifications, and budget.

Consultation services can be used to help you through any part of the process-from determining where to apply, help with motivation letters, high school course planning, and more! This service can be used for video calls, audio calls, email exchanges, or research done on your behalf. This service includes 30 minutes of consultation.

The On Your Mark Masterclass is one of our bestselling services and always fills to capacity!

It’s a BIG opportunity because many of you are eager for your kids to explore college in Europe, but don’t know how to turn over the reigns to them. You want them to be fully involved in the process, but they don’t have guidance around it at school and probably don’t have any friends pursuing these options. These classes put the students themselves in the driver’s seat of the process (while keeping you in the loop, of course) and also helps them create community with other teens who are looking for a university in Europe.

The time to explore college in Europe is now!

Save $50 our most popular services with coupon code “timeisnow”

Limited time offer. Cancel anytime.

Our Members Love Beyond The States

Beyond The States members now study in Austria, France, Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, The Netherlands, and Hungary. And they’re loving every minute of this life-changing experience!

Beyond the States opened up a whole new world for us, and gave my son hope when he thought all was lost. He did not go the traditional route for high school due to an illness. But as I write this, he is in The Netherlands, on his own, visiting The Hague and Erasmus College. Beyond the States truly was a gift from heaven.


When my daughter said she wanted to go to college in Europe, I was at a complete loss. BTS has been incredibly helpful with a thorough database, informative webinars and blogs about the many facets of college in Europe. Jenn visits the colleges and gives great insight which helped us narrow choices to find the best fit. My daughter was recently accepted into the University of Pecs, Hungary. We couldn’t have done it without Beyond the States


BTS has the most comprehensive information for American students looking to study in Europe. Without it, we would never have found the school we ultimately chose. Beyond the financial benefits, the quality of education and the increased job opportunities upon graduation, there is the self-awareness and personal growth from the experience of living in another culture that cannot be found by attending an American university.


The database allows us to filter to find the schools that have what we are looking for. The webcasts give a lot of relevant details. Most comforting though have been the Q&A calls. As we have narrowed down our findings, being able to ask directly and hear knowledgeable answers reassures us. It’s a big deal doing something outside the box and having your constant positive support is really key for us to continue to have the confidence to do this.


BTS eliminated the mystery and opened up the world to my child. My daughter is beyond excited to begin her college experience. We would not have known where to begin without Beyond the States. We have felt educated and supported since we joined BTS. We’re connected to other families with students at Erasmus. The money we have saved will go so much further in Europe. No crippling student loan debt for our daughter. I can’t say thank you enough for the help we have received in getting here.


You don’t have to do it all on your own! BTS offers a community of like-minded, helpful parents, where you can get answers and compare notes with others. I believe college abroad will be transformative for my daughter. With BTS, I feel like part of a generous community that shares its knowledge and experiences, so I don’t have to figure out everything on my own. I can’t imagine how our family would even navigate all the details we’d need to know about studying abroad without BTS and its members.


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