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3-Course Bachelor's Bundle PLUS 30 Days of Database Access for $75 (regularly a $200 value).

If we had a penny every time we see or hear misinformation on college in Europe…
Almost daily we notice incorrect, outdated, or overgeneralized info about higher education in Europe. Across social media there are misguided posts by well-intentioned people whose knowledge is limited to their own unique experiences and needs.
As well, there is an overflow of questionable information across many of the free online college portals and platforms. These sites typically accept sponsorship and financial incentives from individual universities, and so they often lead students into the wrong direction by omitting the many other outstanding options.
In contrast, BTS has never accepted money or support from colleges and universities, and so you can be assured our recommendations are entirely honest, truly individualized and unbiased.
With over 3,400 accredited, 100% English-taught, and eye-poppingly affordable bachelor’s programs in our database, college in Europe might just be the right choice for you. But like anything else, what fits someone else might not be a good fit for you. We also appreciate that it can be overwhelming to explore your options with the sheer volume of information that exists out there; we’ve been there ourselves.
This is where Beyond the States shines. We’ve done all the sifting and vetting for you, and narrowed in on accredited and remarkable programs across Europe for US students – like you.

A Good Place to Start – With These 3 Self-Paced Courses

Choosing A Major is a 3-part course, helpful even if you’re pretty sure what you want to study. Through lessons and exercises, you’ll learn how your unique interests translate into different study areas and learn which European programs you’re most aligned with.

Choosing A University is another 3-part course which helps you determine your own individualized criteria for choosing a program and a school. We cover quantifiable criteria around budget, admissions requirements, and fields of study. We also dive into what to look for (and red flags) around schools, programs, locations, and student life.

Admissions in Europe is a popular 4-part course that helps you understand Europe’s entirely different admissions process. We go through the admissions requirements of different countries, address potential obstacles, headaches, and solutions, and provide a walk-through of the motivation letter and CV.


“The options for studying in Europe are amazing, but starting your research can be daunting! Beyond the States was indispensable in providing the information my student needed to understand how the European system works, which programs fit his interests, how to apply, and much more. It was well worth the investment!”

- Heidi F.

“Finding this information online can be very difficult, so I found this class extremely helpful! I learned a lot about the process in Europe, and it helped me narrow down what I’m interested in academically. Thank you :)”

- Makena B.

July Special – Just for Grads!

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Our BFL service is by far our most popular offering, and frankly, our favorite to work on and provide. Skip the dizzying search on your own, and allow us to get to work, curating a list of the most-suited 3-5 specific programs and schools in Europe based on your preferences, interests, skills, qualifications, and budget.
We’re spending time this summer continuing to build our vibrant Master’s community at Beyond the States, and this eye-popping deal is in honor of that! Know this – you’re not alone. Thousands of others in the US, like you, are right now exploring Master’s degrees in Europe. Our BFL is your next step in pursuing a master’s degree in Europe. 

Here’s what YOUR Best Fit List will include:

  • Your own curated list of 3-5 European college programs, custom-tailored to your budget, qualifications, goals, and interests.
  • Program Details about each program on your list including (when relevant/available):
    • Program tuition
    • Why the program is a “best fit” for you
    • Admissions information
    • Concentration options
    • Direct links to online program pages
    • Specific course names when available
    • Degree requirements
  • Insider Extras- Most program descriptions contain pertinent extras like:
    • Internship and study abroad opportunities
    • Geographic accessibility, campus description, local feel
    • Basic housing info
    • Links to related information and blogs
    • Potential issues
    • Application advice
    • Post-graduate employment and education info
    • Student-centric amenities

Some Testimonials on the Best Fit List:

“I just wanted to thank you for your assistance and the Best Fit List! I applied to Bocconi after talking to you and I just found out a couple of days ago that I got in! I plan to enroll and move to Milan in the fall. I’m very excited to attend school abroad and I couldn’t have done it without your help! Thank you so much for the guidance and many resources you provided!”

- Courtney

“When you are unaware of how many programs are out there and how to even go about searching for them, it’s an incredibly laborious task. I applied to multiple schools in Europe after receiving my Best Fit List. Two of my favorites, one of which I’ve already been accepted to, were not in countries I initially had in mind! If it were not for the Best Fit List, those outstanding programs and schools would not have been on my radar.”  

- Nick

The list that Jennifer provided for me was tailored exactly to what I needed. I found a great school in Prague that’s well under my budget at 297 euros! I wouldn’t have been able to get this info without this service and I’m really grateful.”

- Max

For bachelor's programs,

it’s our 3-Course Bundle PLUS 30 Days of Database Access for $75 (regularly a $200 value).
No membership required!

For master's degree programs,

we are offering 50% off our graduate best fit list!