It’s (Almost) Crunch-Time if you’re looking to attend school
in Europe for 2023 and beyond!

We offered our Crunch-Time Pack a few months back, for last-minute seniors exploring college in Europe for fall 2022, and it was a HUGE HIT!
So…we thought we’d offer a similar (almost) crunch-time deal for those who are more ahead of the game. No sweat required!

Check this out!

Never fear. The (Almost) Crunch Time Pack is here.

Our (Almost) Crunch Time Pack is highly personalized to you, seriously comprehensive, giving you everything you need to hit the ground running. With no uncertainty – and no loose ends.

Yep, we become your own expert EU coaching team, giving you definitive answers and rock-solid reliable info based on your particular wants and needs.

Your (Almost) Crunch Time Pack Includes:

Your Personalized Best Fit List- Your own curated list of 3-5 European college programs matched to your unique personality, preferences, interests, skills, qualifications, and budget. This list comes complete with program details, tuition, admissions requirements, plus info about housing, amenities, the local area, and more.

Your first 30-minute Private Consultation - After you get your list, we’ll schedule a one-on-one call to formulate your admissions plan and discuss any questions.

Access to our Get-Set Masterclass - A 3-week class, which includes video lessons and assignments, that covers European university application terms, timelines, and processes that US students and college counselors may be unfamiliar with, as well as what you need to apply, how to gather these items, assuring these items meet university specifications, a timeline for each of the schools you’ll apply to, and more.

Your second 30-minute Private Consultation - After you go through the admissions lessons, we will meet again to formulate an admissions strategy and timeline.

Motivation Letter Fine-Tune - We’ll personally go over your Motivation Letter and make any needed recommendations.

Private Facebook Groups Membership - You’ll get immediate anytime access to our private Facebook groups (even if you’re not a BTS member), an invaluable community resource.

Purchased separately, these services cost $1294.

Now, get the (Almost) Crunch Time Pack for only $797

Limited time offer.