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This month, we have something rather special to offer, a never-before deal that has tremendous value for those just joining our Beyond the States community. Welcome! A new package that puts ALL the tools you need for pursuing college in Europe right at your fingertips.

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1. 30 minute personal 1-on-1 call with Jenn Viemont, founder of BTS, where you can get your burning questions answered, and be guided based on your own, unique profile ($125 value)

2. Access to our proprietary database of over 3,000 accredited, affordable English-taught Bachelor’s degree programs in Europe, where you’ll find program descriptions, current tuition, admissions requirements, and more ($74 value)

3. Our 5-pack of self-paced courses on university in Europe, each of which provides a deep-dive into topics with action steps to complete along the way. Courses include: How to Choose a Major, How to Choose a University, Admissions in Europe, All About the Netherlands, and Understanding Business Programs ($300 value)

4. European University Review – The Insider’s Guide to European Universities. Our comprehensive “Best of BTS” reference guide is a condensed overview on the ins and outs of the process, specific programs, and the nitty-gritty on what it’s really like to attend college in Europe. As well, there are quick tips on using our database, narrowing your list, a variety of our popular blog posts, and “program of the month” features that usually have members-only access.

5. Our ebook College Beyond the States: European Schools that Will Change Your Life Without Breaking the Bank, which is jam-packed with valuable info and Jenn’s honest “boots on the ground” insight about the incredible places, people, experiences, and schools – many of which most Americans have never heard of.

6. And frankly, much more! Such as access to our members-only Monthly Q & A with Jenn, a private and supportive Facebook community of like-minded parents and students, discounts on our Masterclasses, and don’t forget the array of blogs and podcast episodes that cover any possible topic you can imagine around going to college in Europe, including many student profiles and on-the-ground experiences to inspire and guide you.

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