Do You Know the Crucial Facts About Getting a Master’s Degree in Europe?

Thousands of Programs to Choose From

Over 5,329 different programs at 475 schools are taught in 100% in English, so you don’t need to be fluent in a foreign language to consider this option.

Big Tuition Savings on Average

The average tuition is just $9,050 per year and the average duration is 1.76 years, so the average cost of getting a Master’s is $15,928. That’s less than half the tuition cost of getting a Master’s from a public university in the US.

 714 Programs Charge $0 Tuition!

Yes, $0 tuition.

Make Your Resume Stand Out from the Crowd

Most employers today are looking for some level of international experience to round out a candidate’s background. Having lived overseas and earned a degree will check that box over other candidates. Also, getting a degree in Europe will expose you to people from vastly different backgrounds and opinions which will broaden your horizons.

How Can We Help?

In March 2016, Beyond the States launched to help American students learn about going to college in Europe. With more 5,329 program options to sift through at over 475 universities, finding just the right program for you can be overwhelming. Beyond the States can help. We’ve found all the possibilities and done the research already.

Want Curated Access to All the ‘Masters in Europe’ Data?

Simply purchase a membership below and we will provide you with a personalized “best fit” list of Master’s programs that best suit your interests. Please note, we don’t list schools in the UK or Ireland. Here’s why not.

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Elements of Membership


Personalized List of Best Fit Programs

You complete a questionnaire that asks about interests, qualifications, and other individual information.  Based on this information, we will provide you with a short list of programs we think you should check out.  Since the database has more than 5,300 options, this can help answer the question, “Where do I start?”

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