The Many Incredible Master’s Degree Options in Europe

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Episode Summary

For our final episode of the season, Jenn dives into a discussion on the rewards of pursuing a Master’s degree in Europe. Her conversation partner this week is Sean Dempsey, a past BTS member and recent graduate of the highly-ranked KU Leuven, in Belgium. It was his study abroad semester in Spain, as an undergraduate, that was the inspiration and gateway to gaining his Master’s degree in Europe.

And speaking of graduate school, Jenn announces our team’s summer plans on the podcast for giving a deserved boost to our sweeping Master’s degree resources and offerings. Get the scuttlebutt on these improvements, and hear about some of Jenn’s favorite grad programs featured in our Master’s database, some of which her own son, Sam, is exploring. It’s happening!

“According to FinAid.org, the average cost for master’s degree programs in the US ranges from $30,000 – $120,000 which depends on whether a student is paying in-statue tuition, out of state or private tuition. English-taught master’s degree programs in Europe are much more affordable. Their average tuition for the more than 6,200 English-taught programs is under $8,000 per year. That average includes the higher priced programs, like MBAs, so it is significant to note that there are over 1,800 options under $3,500 per year and more than 700 that are tuition free-even for international students.” –Jenn

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What you will hear in this episode:

  • A first-hand account from an international student (from the US) and BTS member arriving and studying in Europe during the pandemic, and gaining his Master’s degree at KU Leuven in Belgium
  • Some of the contrasts between the US and European/Irish Master’s approach to graduate study
  • How we’re further beefing up our Master’s degree resources at Beyond the States
  • An overview and close-up look at gaining a Master’s degree in Europe as an international student, what resources we have to help in the exploration and pursuit of a program
  • Updates from Jenn on her son, Sam’s, considerations for grad school in Europe


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