Master of Chemistry Programs in Europe

Have you ever wondered what the products you’re using and eating really consist of? Do you read the ingredients list on the back of a box with great interest? Do you look forward to experimenting with various substances in the lab? Chemistry can answer these questions and more, and you can turn your natural curiosity into a rewarding career with a Master of Chemistry.

There are 89 Master of Chemistry Programs in Europe with an Average Tuition of Just 6,526 EUR – all 100% English-taught!

20 programs are zero tuition and there are 51 under 5,000 EUR per year.

As far as duration, most of the master of chemistry programs are 2 years with a few programs that are a year and a half in length.

With a Master of Chemistry, you will investigate matter and the changes it undergoes. Composition, structure and properties are some of the things a chemist will learn more about, just to mention a few. And Chemistry isn’t only for scientists and researchers; a Master in Chemistry can lead the way to a career in law (patent or environmental), technical writing, engineering, and even military systems. Within the Chemistry field itself, there are a multitude of sub-disciplines. In a Master in Chemistry program, you can study Analytical Chemistry, Neurochemistry, and even Physical Chemistry.

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