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You shouldn't be! We're here to help in any way we can... and if it means running extensive searches and using our best judgement to lead the way, we're all for that too. We get that choosing a program feels like committing to a major early on, but in reality it is more of a general direction. A Best Fit List gives you a unique list of 3 to 5 programs tailored to your needs, helping you take the headache – and heartache – out of choosing a program.

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Best Fit List Matching Service

This hyper-targeted Best Fit List uncovers the specific European colleges & programs that are a best match for your personality, budget, major, & geographic preferences so you can avoid the mistakes behind choosing your program.
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Find Your North

Best Fit Lists

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Simply answer a few questions and our experts will run thorough research to get you a list of college and programs unique to your needs. We'll match you based on your unique personality, preferences, interests, skills, qualifications, and budget.
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Who produces my Best Fit List?

Bachelor's recommendations are provided by Jennifer Viemont, the leading expert for undergraduate degrees in Europe.

Master's recommendations are provided by Kristin Hamaker, creator of the Master's degree database and professional advisor to hundreds of students headed to Europe.

How long does it take to get my list?

If we don't have any follow up questions, we usually get Best Fit Lists produced in 2-3 weeks, sometimes sooner. We'll deliver the Best Fit List to the email address provided on the submission form.

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