Throw down with the best, in real time.

You know Europe is worth it, but it feels so different than all the hand-holding US colleges give you. With so much going on, sometimes you just need to talk to someone... and who better than with Jennifer Viemont herself? You're in luck; one-on-one consultations are back!

When should I speak to Jenn?

Jennifer can help you contextualize the entire journey and provide valuable insights that'll keep you from making common mistakes. With this in mind, it's important you run as much research as possible before hopping on the call. Ideally you'll have a number of programs already selected and would like further insights on which one is worth paying attention to. She can otherwise help you with filter selection and run searches with you during the call.

Speak Directly with Jenn

One-on-one Consultation

45min call for $249 $349

To book a consultation, tap the button and choose a date that works for you. You'll be prompted to pre-pay for the booking. Bookings are non-refundable.


How does it work?

Book a call using the link above and select any available time-slot that works for you within the next 21 days. Calls will be held via Google Meet. To join the call, you'll need a computer with a working internet browser with microphone and video permissions. You can also join the call from the phone if you have Google Meet installed. If all else fails, you'll have numbers available on the calendar invite that you can call. You can reschedule the call directly from the calendar invite we send you, so long as it's not within the same day. Otherwise, this will be considered a non-refundable no-show.

Can I record the call?

Absolutely, but there's no need to! We'll record the call and send it to you right after the call ends.

Can I bring others on the call?

Absolutely, as long as you're within the same family group. Bring your mom, dad, daughter, son, or anyone else involved in your decision-making. You can add more people to the call by clicking 'Add guests' in the booking link. They don't have to be on the same computer or phone to join.

What if I purchased a package?

You'll receive an email with one-time-use booking links. You don't need to purchase them on this page.

Can I speak to a student?

We're working on onboarding previous Beyond the States customers that attended college in Europe. They'll be available for one-on-one calls similar to the calls with Jenn, except this time you'll be hearing from a student that took courses at the college of your choice. Sit tight for an announcement!

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