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We're glad you're taking advantage of the unique opportunity to find a degree from a top-ranking European university. You're set to start traveling and saving more while still being able to study in English. European degrees are highly valued in the workplace, so make sure you pick out something you're passionate about.

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Say you’re looking for English-taught bachelor’s programs in the Czech Republic that have FAFSA #s, with a max $10,000 tuition. Seven programs will pull up, in a range of areas of study like law, political science, visual arts, and international relations. There are endless searches! Start Searching.

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Say you've narrowed down a list of programs you like, but you're unsure if they're the best fit for you. We can help! Jennifer Viemont is available to produce a lis of undergraduate programs tailored to your needs. Kristin Hamaker is an expert at master's degrees, and she can help make the program selection process much easier. Explore Best Fit Lists.

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