Is a Degree from Abroad “Good” in the US?

college in europe

Episode Summary

Is a degree from Europe valuable enough in the US? Does it allow students to get into grad school and get a good job? Who gives accreditation to universities in the States? What are the hidden costs international students need to know when applying for universities? Jenn digs deep into this topic to answer these and many more questions.

Later in the episode, Jenn opens a discussion with the doctor and international medical graduate Akriti Sinha. Sr. Sinha shares her story around becoming a doctor in the US with a degree from abroad and gives advice for coping with numerous problems and specific challenges foreign students can face.

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What you will hear in this episode:

  • Is a degree from Europe reliable in the US to get into a grad school or enter a job market? 
  • The process of accrediting Europe diplomas in the States
  • The costs of getting a medical degree in the US and abroad
  • Dr. Sinha’s path from going to medical school in India to becoming a practicing doctor in the US.
  • The differences in American and Indian medical education systems 
  • The challenges and costs of getting medical residency in the States as an international medical graduate
  • The two routes a foreign physician can take after completing their residency  
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