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The American dream is unfair, horrendously expensive, and stressful enough to prematurely age the most optimistic applicants. At Beyond the States, we believe higher education is a right, not a privilege. If you feel the same way, become an affiliate so you can help your audience pack their bags and study in Europe, where higher education is accessible and enjoyable for everyone.
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Our goal is to grow Beyond the States from a small community to a nationwide force. Perhaps then our leaders will make meaningful change.

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Student and parents have it hard nowadays. We believe everyone deserves a little empathy, even if it means just lending an ear and listening.

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We don't believe in paid placements, so we won't be promoting any posts based on sponsorships. This is exactly why this isn't a free platform.

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We will be honest in all of our communications. If we don't like a program, we'll tell you why. If we believe you don't need a service, we'll stop you from buying it.
Earn 30% commissions on all revenue for 6 months.

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Beyond the States provides easy access to 11,600+ European bachelor's and master's programs across 870 universities, 550 cities, and 212 areas of study, plus all the resources you need to get there. No sponsorships. No bias.
English-taught bachelor's programs in our database.
English-taught master's programs in our database.
Beautiful European cities to choose from.
Top-tier universities accepting international students.
Typical savings against a private university in the US.
Typical savings against in-state tuition in the US.
All inclusive of tuition, living, food, books, health insurance, travel expenses, as well as hidden fees. Compiled with data from students and the official websites from KU Leuven, UNC, and Duke.

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