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Who is Beyond the States?

We’re a trusted advisor for students and families in the U.S. looking for college and university programs in continental Europe and Ireland. Our trove of resources and courses are unmatched in the industry, objective and unbiased, and support all matters of the studying abroad process, such as choosing a university, identifying the right program, and navigating the admissions process. But we also engage on topics that matter to students who want to study in Europe like travel, lifestyle, student housing, job prospects and internships, and the value of global citizenship.

Our School Counselor Support Program

If you’re a college counselor or related professional, let us take some things off your plate! We offer a variety of tools that directly support you and your students who are considering college programs in continental Europe and Ireland, such as: student and family discounts on membership and courses, a customized virtual presentation for your community, and Q & A sessions with Jenn, founder of Beyond the States. Head here for more information on this FREE program! If you’re a private counselor and interested in a Professional Membership , click here to learn more.

Our Affiliate Program

If you have a blog or social media account consider partnering with Beyond the States, as a way of promoting our business and monetizing yours. We work with an outside company that specializes in affiliate relationships, where referrals and commissions are tracked and linked. If you apply to become an affiliate with Beyond the States, and are accepted, each time a transaction is generated with BTS from your blog or social media profile you earn a commission. Head here to apply for our Affiliate Program.

Our Referral Program

Calling all BTS Enthusiasts, Parents & Students! Do you have friends, family, or followers who might just be interested in college abroad? Refer them to us and if they purchase any of our courses or services we’ll reward you (yes, you!) with a commission on their purchase. We created this program as a way of rewarding your loyalty and efforts to spread the word about BTS and study abroad. Click here to sign up!

Families around the country
love Beyond the States!

Beyond The States members now study in Austria, France, Czech Republic, Sweden, Estonia, The Netherlands, Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Germany, Spain and Hungary. And they’re loving every minute of this life-changing experience!

Beyond the States opened up a whole new world for us, and gave my son hope when he thought all was lost. He did not go the traditional route for high school due to an illness. But as I write this, he is in The Netherlands, on his own, visiting The Hague and Erasmus College. Beyond the States truly was a gift from heaven.


When my daughter said she wanted to go to college in Europe, I was at a complete loss. BTS has been incredibly helpful with a thorough database, informative webinars and blogs about the many facets of college in Europe. Jenn visits the colleges and gives great insight which helped us narrow choices to find the best fit. My daughter was recently accepted into the University of Pecs, Hungary. We couldn’t have done it without Beyond the States


BTS has the most comprehensive information for American students looking to study in Europe. Without it, we would never have found the school we ultimately chose. Beyond the financial benefits, the quality of education and the increased job opportunities upon graduation, there is the self-awareness and personal growth from the experience of living in another culture that cannot be found by attending an American university.


The database allows us to filter to find the schools that have what we are looking for. The webcasts give a lot of relevant details. Most comforting though have been the Q&A calls. As we have narrowed down our findings, being able to ask directly and hear knowledgeable answers reassures us. It’s a big deal doing something outside the box and having your constant positive support is really key for us to continue to have the confidence to do this.


BTS eliminated the mystery and opened up the world to my child. My daughter is beyond excited to begin her college experience. We would not have known where to begin without Beyond the States. We have felt educated and supported since we joined BTS. We’re connected to other families with students at Erasmus. The money we have saved will go so much further in Europe. No crippling student loan debt for our daughter. I can’t say thank you enough for the help we have received in getting here.


You don’t have to do it all on your own! BTS offers a community of like-minded, helpful parents, where you can get answers and compare notes with others. I believe college abroad will be transformative for my daughter. With BTS, I feel like part of a generous community that shares its knowledge and experiences, so I don’t have to figure out everything on my own. I can’t imagine how our family would even navigate all the details we’d need to know about studying abroad without BTS and its members.


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