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Why should I study here?

From the school:Bocconi University is internationally renowned as a point of reference in teaching and research in the fields of economics and business, as testified by the increasingly higher positions held in many of the best worldwide rankings.

The campus is located in the heart of Milan, a cosmopolitan and modern city that combines the best of Italy’s past and present while looking towards the future.Students study and work with classmates and faculty members from all over the world, immersed in a rich and stimulating academic environment.Our interactive teaching methods—such as case studies, simulations, and group projects—as well as the huge number of study abroad opportunities at our over 250 partner schools around the world—provide students with the skills employers are looking for.

Students have the chance to get in touch with an extensive network of companies and institutions through placement events and initiatives both on and off campus, and an online platform offering internships and job opportunities is available.

What are the admissions criteria?

The national admissions requirements for American students are an IB or 3 AP score of 3+.  Bocconi requires a total of 4 APs, though an SAT subject score can substitute for the 4th AP.  Applicants are assessed based on GPA and SAT or ACT (generally a minimum of 1300 for SAT, 29 for ACT). 

Recommended: It is recommended that you take honors or AP coursework in calculus, economics, statistics, or computer science.  Bocconi has 3 admissions rounds for undergraduate enrollment. The first round takes place in June of the year before studies begin (the junior year for those in high school).  Students are given an admission decision in September. The next round is in January, with decisions announced in March, and the third round is in April, with admissions decisions in May. 

Students can apply to all three rounds as they don't allocate all the spots to any one round. Be sure to check the Italy country page for procedures that relate to pre-enrollment with the embassy.

What is student life like?

The campus is the stage for many cultural, sports, and social events that are important opportunities for students to expand the horizons of their knowledge, cultivate their interests, exchange views on current topics, and socialize. 

Special emphasis is placed on the activities organized directly by the students themselves and made available to the community. Through sports, theater, cinema, music, radio, and TV, Bocconi students express their creativity and enliven their time on campus and their university experience.

Scholarships & Funding

Bocconi has merit-based full scholarships (including housing) for international students as well as one that provides a 50% tuition waiver.  All international candidates are considered for this scholarship without a separate application. There are also need-based scholarships that must be applied for with the admission application. 

Housing options.

Bocconi currently has 7 dorms for students and is in the process of building an 8th. Priority is given to first-year students. All of the rooms are single occupancy, some with private baths and kitchenettes. 

Housing generally costs 600-700 euros per month and includes a weekly cleaning service.

Dining information

Additional notes.

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