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Why should I study here?

From the school:Home to hard-working, entrepreneurial students since 1913Erasmus University Rotterdam is an international research university with more than 100 years of experience helping Bachelor, Master, and PhD students pursue their ambitions in the areas of wealth, health, governance, and culture. We are known for our pragmatic approach, our entrepreneurial vibe, and a “make it happen” mentality that serves to help our 25,000 students and researchers achieve their ambitions. Our modern, lively campus is just a short tram, metro, or bike ride from the city center of Rotterdam, our diverse and dynamic home city. Rotterdam’s huge port, many multinational companies, and melting pot of cultures serve as both a living laboratory for our researchers and a backdrop for a rich student life. Erasmus University College: Erasmus University College (EUC) is the international honours college of Erasmus University, offering intense multi-disciplinary education. This Liberal Arts and Sciences College and the student housing are located in metropolitan Rotterdam. The selective and residential character of EUC attributes to a close-knit academic community in which the students live and study together.

What are the admissions criteria?

The rolling admission period is from October-April.  All programs now require American students to have an IB diploma or 4 AP scores of 3+ (university college requires 4 AP scores of 3+. Business, Economics, Econometrics, Communication and Media and the University College also have a math requirement and may require 4 scores). A 3.0 GPA is required for Erasmus University College and there is also a math requirement that can be met through an entrance exam or AP Calculus.Important note:  The school now has more specific requirements for APs "Accepted subjects: Art History, English Language and Composition, English Literature and Composition, Comparative Government and Politics, European History, Human Geography, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Psychology, US Government and Politics, US History, World History, Calculus, Computer Science, Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics, World Languages. Overlapping subjects are counted as 1 AP exam. For example AP Us History, European History, and World History are not counted as  individual APs but as one. Likewise AP English Language and Composition and Spanish Language and Culture are also only considered 1 AP and do not count individually."                                           

What is student life like?

There is an active student life at Erasmus University. The student government offers social and cultural programs throughout the year.  They offer everything from ladies hip hop night to a theater performance about the economy of warfare to a lecture and dating event.  There are study associations connected to the different academic departments that offer academic and social events and other student associations based on interests and such.  This includes an international women's group, social groups, travel, international interests, political, LGBT, and cultural groups.  Students can also join the sports center which offers 50 different sports and 22 sports associations.Erasmus offers a buddy program for international students as well as cultural trips, food evenings, and sport events.

They also provide a program called “EUR experience",  which are information sessions at the end of August which include learning to navigate the market, opening bank accounts, bike lessons, and Dutch culture workshops.Erasmus University College: As a student at Erasmus University College you will become a member of the Erasmus University College Student Association (EUCSA). This all-inclusive student association acts as an umbrella organization for a wide range of student run committees, which together offer a great variety of activities and events for their members. Last year some of the activities included: a ski trip to France, various sports workshops, a table-tennis ladder, martial arts, regular bar nights, an end of year party, improvisation theatre workshops, musical jam sessions, a cultural trip to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, a talent show, a monthly student magazine called ‘The Bug’, board game evenings and much more! You’re also at liberty to take part in cultural and student-run activities of our mother university Erasmus. EUCSA is the student association at EUC. They offer a range of activities including trips, workshops, galas and clubs that include: yearbook, party, performance, cultural coking, mass media, film and photography, sports, debate, music, and Model UN.EUC students are also able to join any clubs/activities offered at the main university campus.

Scholarships & Funding

Non EU students can apply for the 5000 euro Holland Scholarship.

Housing options.

The university helps first-year international students with housing.  It is not guaranteed, but generally, an offer is made if the application is submitted by the deadline. International students are either housed at the Student Hotel (see Erasmus University College listing for details) or a student residence near campus. Most have a private bedroom and a shared bath and cost in the range of 510–590 euros per month. Erasmus University College: Erasmus University College (EUC) requires its students to live on our city campus during their first year of studies. Living together with your fellow students provides an excellent opportunity to get to know each other well and build solid friendships. Considering studying at EUC requires a lot of group work, living together also makes it easier to plan these group meetings and generally enhances the overall academic community, which is essential to our philosophy of what makes a great university college. Additionally, living on campus has the benefit of allowing you to immediately focus on your studies, considering your housing is already arranged for you. In years 2 and 3 students can find their own accommodation in the metropolitan city of Rotterdam. Our students often live in small groups. EUC has a year-long residential requirement at a facility called “The Student Hotel”. This student residence is a 15 minute walk from the University College and less than a 10 minute tram ride from the main campus of Erasmus University. All of the rooms are singles with a private bath and shared kitchen. Residents of the Student Hotel are also provided with a bike to use during their stay, which is included in the rent fees. The residence has a restaurant, student bar, study hall, workout facilities, laundry, game room, and in house staff (including reception and security). Most rooms cost around 550 euros per month.

Dining information

There are a number of food options on campus including a cafe, sports cafe, mini mart, cafeteria, restaurants and a food court offers kebabs, breakfast, noodles, frozen yogurt, sandwiches, and a Starbucks.

Additional notes.

This was the first school I have seen that has what I think of as a "true" campus.  Not only are all the buildings of the different departments housed on the same campus, there are a ton of services and amenities throughout campus as well including dining options, a grocery store, dry cleaner, sports facilities, and even a place to get your hair cut!Students have the option of adding Philosophy as a double degree.  It adds one year to the program and costs 2048 euros.Erasmus University College: I have to start by telling you about the amazing building EUC is housed in. It's right in the middle of the city and is one of the few buildings that survived WWII. It was originally a library and then turned into a museum after the war. When converting it to a school, EUC did a fantastic job of preserving the history while also providing modern amenities. There are impressive details throughout the building like marble floors and pillars, rich woodwork, and stained glass, mixed with funky modern light fixtures and skylights. It was truly the most impressive building I have been in throughout my European school visits.Now that they are finishing up with their third successful year, EUC is increasing their enrollment towards their maximum capacity (which will cap at 225 students per class). Thus, the 2016 and 2017 school years are a great time for students to apply! Even when max capacity is reached, EUC keeps the class size to 10 students. The exception to this are the lectures that are held with the entire class during the first year, but even weekly lecture courses have a weekly seminar component that is kept under 10 students to facilitate problem based learning and discussion.

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