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Why should I study here?

From the school:Established in 1819, ESCP Europe is the world's first business school and has educated generations of leaders and forefront thinkers. With its six urban campuses in Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid, Turin, and Warsaw, ESCP Europe has a true European identity, which enables the provision of a unique style of business education and a global perspective on management issues. ESCP Europe's network of 100+ partner universities extends the school’s reach from Europe to worldwide. ESCP Europe welcomes 4,500 students and 5,000 executives from over 90 different nations every year, offering them a wide range of general management and specialized programs. The school's alumni network counts 45,000 members in 150 countries and from 200 nationalities. Together with its long-standing relationships with national and multinational companies, this network allows ESCP Europe to provide unique career opportunities on an international scale.ESCP Europe is currently ranked by the Financial Times as 11th in Europe.3rd in the UK.-2nd worldwide for our Master in Management.-1st in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK for the Master in Management.About the Bachelor in Management (BSc):The BSc in Management is a unique cross-cultural management program that takes place over three years in three different countries. It provides the opportunity to broaden your horizons while acquiring skills directly relevant to your future business career. The program combines management modules (inc. marketing, finance, corporate strategy, law and economics) with liberal arts (inc. sociology, history, and psychology), languages, personal skills-based workshops, and two internship opportunities. All of these disciplines are highly complementary and give a better understanding of the economic and social environment that businesses must compete in. Perhaps the most unique asset of the programme is the opportunity to study in three of ESCP Europe’s urban campuses, with the first year in London, the second year in Madrid, Paris, or Turin, and the third year in Berlin. This structure allows you to experience cultural differences first hand and to learn how these can affect business practices. Studying in a new city every year, rather than simply spending a year abroad, teaches you to adapt to new contexts, to learn new languages, to discover new cultures, and prepares you for the most demanding international jobs on the market.Small classes and high contact hours allow for high in-class interactivity and regular face-to-face time with an international, high-profile faculty.• Multinational teamwork and the development of intercultural skills are highly valued by international employers.• Practical real-life case studies and business simulations to prepare you for your first steps in the corporate world.• In-depth development of written competencies, presentation and rhetorical skills • Collective projects to trigger exciting student initiatives, developing creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.• Internships and social projects through our links with the corporate world, providing you with your first professional experience. Bachelor in Management Tracks:YEAR 1: in London or Paris (in English)YEAR 2: in Turin (in English) or Madrid (in English + Spanish) or Paris (in English + French)YEAR 3: in Berlin (in English + optional courses in German) 

What are the admissions criteria?

The rolling admission period is open from November to June. Students who are in their final year of high school should not apply before December, as the school would like to see the first semester grades included in the transcripts submitted with the online application. The application also includes a personal statement, academic references, a passport photocopy, and proof of English proficiency (for students from non-anglophone countries or high schools). Applicants are then selected for the second stage of admissions, which includes an interview (skype is fine) and an admissions test. ACT or SAT scores can be submitted as a substitute for the admissions tests. Applicants receive a decision within 3-5 weeks of submitting their application.

What is student life like?

There are many activities and clubs that are both campus-specific and cross-campus. Campus-specific clubs and events include running, rugby, debate, galas, and parties. Cross-campus events include Model UN, the annual Regatta, and ski weekends.

Scholarships & Funding

There are tuition waivers for 25% and 50% of tuition. These are merit, need, and diversity based. Applicants apply for tuition waivers after their receive their acceptance offer.

Housing options.

None of the campuses offer direct assistance with housing, but give students resources to find it on their own.

Dining information

Additional notes.

Although ESCP was founded in 1819, the bachelor's program began in 2015. There are 47 students in the first year of students, with a target of 100 students in the entry class in 2016 and a limit of 300 students per entry class by 2020. The 3-year program is spent in 3 different countries. All students start in London for the first year. The second-year students choose between Paris, Madrid, or Turin (though Turin is the only campus that offers the program entirely in English). Students meet back in Berlin to finish the program for their third year. The alumni association plays a large role in recruiting and networking. ESCP’s long history, reputation, and cross-European presence provide students with a number of potential employers from the alumni association. The alumni include the Managing Director of Nintendo France, the Global President of Mars Chocolate, the Director of Global Strategy at Facebook, the Managing Director of Amazon, a VP at Lego, the CEO of Eurostar, the Global Co-Head of Investment Banking at Morgan Stanley and more. The career services department at ESCP also offers CV advice, practice interviews, career advice sessions, networking events, and an annual career fair.



Business Administration, Management, and Operations
Business & Economics
Berlin, Paris, Turin
France, Germany, Italy
Business & Economics
Business & Economics
ESCP Business School
Berlin, Paris, Turin, France, Germany, Italy
3 Years | €22250 Yearly Tuition
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