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The Medical University of Lodz  is the second biggest state medical university in Poland with 70 years of great academic tradition. 1. University Teaching Activity. The concept of up to-date and comprehensive professional training of medical staff is being improved all the time. The process of education has been focused on preparing specialists for work in various communities and national health care systems.Our educational offer has been adjusted to requirement laid down in the resolutionsvalidated by our Government within the European Union co-operation. Following theentry of Poland into the European Union on May 1st, 2004 the University offers a chance of anautomatic recognition of the Diploma of most of the faculties within all the EU countries.Our diplomas are also recognized in the USA by the US Department of Education, the ECFMG and in Canada by the Medical Council of Canada2. Science and Research. MUL’s scientists conduct extensive basic and translational research, accumulating unique knowledge, benefitting from the clinical trials. The Medical University of Lodz has reached the leading position in the research areas such as: immunology, molecular biology, genetics of homeostasis disorders, oncology, hypertension and endocrinology. MUL has been consequently investing in development of young researchers. Within the last two years, young researchers from MUL were considered leaders in areas such as cardiology, oncology, immunology and dermatology.Over the last decade MUL has been consequently increasing its ability to acquire funding, both from European and national sources.MUL participated in 5 projects under the 5. Framework Programs (including a coordination of a Centre of Excellence in Molecular Medicine), 10 projects under the 6.FP, and 18 projects within the 7.FP, including two coordinations (ABC – a small collaborative project, and Healthy Ageing Research Centre, which is a RegPot). MUL is also a member of EIT Health an international consortium selected in December 2014 by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology in the area of innovations for health and active ageing. 3. Clinical Activity. At present, Medical University has over 1500 hospital beds in Teaching Hospitals that provide medical services for patients, being the essential base for research work and undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. University Teaching Hospitals and University-affiliated departments constitute a basic source for highly specialized diagnostic and treatment services provided by professors, associate professors and specialists of various medical disciplines who take care of health needs of the Lodz region community and promote health-related programs. High level of diagnostic and treatment services rendered by Medical University hospitals is reflected by its position in the most popular hospital ranking. In the nationwide classification, our hospital departments ranked among the top ten in their specialties.

What are the admissions criteria?

Applicants should have completed an advanced level course  (AP or IB HL) with above-average grades in two of the following classes: biology, chemistry, physics, and math.  A skype interview is also used for the admission decision. The application period begins in February.

What is student life like?

Teaching Hospitals of the Medical University of the Lodz Medical University of Lodz has established three teaching hospitals. These allow it to perform its statutory tasks concerning clinical training (undergraduate and postgraduate) and research: Norbert Barlicki Memorial Teaching Hospital No. 1 of the Medical University of LodzMilitary Medical Academy Memorial Teaching Hospital of the Medical University of Lodz – Central Veteran HospitalCentral Teaching Hospital of the Medical University of LodzUniversity departments provide a base for teaching and research activities, together with the provision of health services. They also act in non-academic hospitals within the city premises.

Scholarships & Funding

Housing options.

Most of the rooms in the student residences are double occupancy and cost between 100-115 euros per month. Private apartment rentals in town can be found in the range of 225-340 euros per month.

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