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Why should I study here?

At Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, 2,700 students receive training in the disciplines of Engineering, Business and Social Sciences, comprising Tourism, Business Management, and Social Work, Design, Media & Arts, and Health Studies. With its international outlook and focus on innovative research and teaching, the university is a pioneer of future-oriented degree programmes and practice-oriented solutions for business and society. especially in the fields of technology, health and media.

What are the admissions criteria?

International students complete an online application along with a CV, transcripts, and diploma. Students from non-anglophone countries must also submit proof of English proficiency. Applicants also need to include a photocopy of their passport. The application deadline is March 31st, but seniors may apply for provisional acceptance. 

What is student life like?

Salzburg is hard to beat as a student city on one point. Because where else can you study green and urban flair as ideally as between mountains and cultural capital? At Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, you are spoiled for choice. Due to the idyllic location of Gerstein campus and the Kuchl campus in one of the most beautiful areas of Austria, all locations of the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences offer a wonderful study environment in the countryside. After the lecture in Kuchl, to the Golling waterfall or in Urstein by kayak to the Königsseeache? Both can be easily integrated into everyday study at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences. Anyone looking for a change from an outdoor paradise can take the S-Bahn from Gerstein (or 30 minutes from Kuchl) to the center of Salzburg's city center in less than 20 minutes. Students with their own cars also enjoy the perfect connection on the Urstein campus thanks to their own freeway entrance.

Scholarships & Funding

Housing options.

You can either stay in a student dormitory directly on campus (on-campus accommodation) or find a room in the city of Salzburg (off-campus accommodation). Rooms cost around 350 euros per month.

Dining information

Additional notes.

Austria's Austrian Universities of Applied Sciences began in 1994 and now educate 50,000 students in the country.  The UAS system in Austria is different than others I have experienced thus far.  Like in other countries that have reputable UAS programs, there is a practical focus and an emphasis on providing students with the skills and knowledge they will need in the workforce.  In fact, the country-wide employment rate for graduates of UAS programs is 90%. Unlike UAS programs in other countries, almost all of the graduates go directly into master’s degree programs, and many graduates do continue on to study in Ph.D. programs.  Further, the entry requirements are not lowered necessarily lower for UAS programs in Austria.

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