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Why should I study here?

From the school:The University of Pécs, the oldest university in Hungary, was founded in 1367. Today, it is one of the largest Institutions of Higher Education in the country and offers a wide spectrum of courses to some 20,000 students in approximately 500 different study programmes. The highly qualified academic staff are a guarantee that students are provided with the most up-to-date knowledge to the highest, internationally recognised standards and so earn a degree which is highly competitive in today’s labour market.  The university has conducted degree programmes in English for more than 30 years and so has become one of the most internationalized universities in Hungary. We are proud to host more than 2,700 international students each year – students who come from more than 85 countries worldwide. The university offers more than 50 degree programs and preparatory courses for international students taught in English and German. The University of Pécs is located in the uniquely beautiful, vibrant and lively city of Pécs – a proper, multi-campus university town – which was designated to be the European Capital of Culture in 2010. The large international student population has become an essential part not only the university but of the city’s everyday life as well. 

What are the admissions criteria?

Application deadlines for the rolling admissions process are from April 30th to July 31st, depending on the program. Though it varies by program, most require an online application, transcripts, a motivation letter, and CV, and some require an entrance exam in the form of a Skype interview. Applicants also need to include a photocopy of their passport. Students are able to apply for a provisional offer of acceptance before they receive their diplomas. If English is not your native language, proof of English proficiency is required. For dentistry, medicine, and pharmacy: An entrance exam is required unless you have already begun/completed your bachelor's degree elsewhere.  The exam is held weekly in Pecs and can also be arranged abroad. The exam is 2.5 hours and has questions pertaining to chemistry, biology, general English, and medical English. There is also an interview component with a professor to assess motivation and medical aptitude. Applicants must submit the following with the application:  copy of passport, copy of transcripts and diploma, and CV in Europass format.

What is student life like?

From the school: The University of Pécs is a very open and supportive institution. We pay special attention to helping our international students to integrate into the university as well as into the local community. Our different student services organize various events, parties, and excursions on a regular basis for the international student community. To help the new international students get a good start, the University of Pécs has a mentor system. The main task of the mentor is to provide the student with practical information about the University of Pécs and Pécs society, as well as to introduce him/her to the students and student life in general. If a student does not wish to get a mentor, he/she was given the chance to reject the offer. The University of Pécs offers many different sports activities for the students. We also have two very successful unique projects, the Dancing University, where our students can join 26 different dancing classes free of charge, and the Music University which helps the musical talents to develop. Students of the University can use the library services free of charge after registration at any of the faculty libraries or the Central Library. The Central Library is open from Monday through Sunday; other libraries are usually open on weekdays. It is a very popular and pleasant place for students to study together. Each semester an Orientation Day is held for the new international students of the University of Pécs coming from all over the world. This special information day is organized centrally and by the Faculties as well at the beginning of the semester. The newcomers are informed about many important topics at the Orientation Day and they will have a chance to get acquainted with the university, learn about the student services, meet with the international coordinators and mentors, and much more. Pécs is a beautiful place to study in. It is simultaneously a friendly place and a very active city, in which students can never be bored. They can be sure they will find everything here that a student could wish for. At the University there are many student organizations that students can join whilst study at UP. These offer a wide variety of professional and leisure programs which give the members a good opportunity to meet local people, make new friends and enjoy memorable experiences. Weekly organized parties are also available for students of each faculties. The International Evening, where our international students cook their national dishes, and perform their music and dances, is one of the highlights of the year. There are also many options outside the campus where students can spend their free time with friends. There are 2 cinemas in Pécs offering movies in English with Hungarian subtitles. There are go-kart racing arenas, paintball fields, and extreme parks for those who like exciting programs.In terms of entertainment and events, Pécs offers a huge number of activities, excursions and things to do for everyone, regardless of taste or budget. The town is famous for its museums, galleries, the festivals and cultural events it hosts. If somebody is happy to spend some time in a relatively undisturbed natural environment, all they have to do is to go up the Mecsek hill. There are a number of beautiful small villages and towns as well near Pécs which are well worth visiting.

Scholarships & Funding

Housing options.

DormitoriesThe University of Pécs has ten dormitories. They are located in quiet, residential areas of the city. The Faculties of the University, as well as the city center, are easily accessible from the dormitories. Rooms are double occupancy and share a bathroom and small kitchen area with another double room. The cost is 100-110 euros per month. Facilities: • internet access per room• study room• lounge• gym• bike storage• parking slots• cafeteria• student club rented accommodation for incoming students who require superior quality accommodation, rented flats are an alternative. Renting a flat can provide students with the peace, comfort, and privacy they require. The Central Student Service Office (Központi Szolgáltató Iroda - KÖSZI in Hungarian) has a large database of accommodations available for rent. Prices range between approximately HUF 45,000 - 100,000 (above EUR 200) for a furnished flat with gas heating for two persons that is fairly near to the city centre and/or faculties of the University. Student Housing offers a free apartment-finding service for students. They have the largest database of apartments for rent in Pécs from 30.000 HUF/month. 

What they offer:

• houses, apartments, and flats for rent

• roommate search

• apartment listings can be viewed here.

• their website is updated daily!

• they make appointments with the landlords

• they take you out by car to view apartments

• they give you a rental contract.

Note from Jenn about housing: The rooms in the residences are very basic.  That said, they are reasonably priced, clean, and allow the opportunity to meet other students.  Students only have to commit to one semester at a time.  If you don't object to sharing a room, I suggest using the student residences for the first semester as you get to know others and get a lay of the land.  You may end up meeting someone to share an apartment with from the second semester on.

Dining information

Additional notes.

When I planned my visit to Hungary, I knew I had to visit Pecs. It is the oldest university in Hungary, celebrating 650 years, and is globally ranked. I was impressed by the number and variety of programs they offered in English for such reasonable tuition (most are under 5000 euros per year).  I was even more impressed after my visit. It is a large university, with 20,000 students, but each department is self-contained with its own International Student’s Office, Student Union, and more.  The buildings are spread throughout town, but students who stay in the dorms are generally placed in a dorm close to their department.  There are easy public transportation options for students who choose to rent an apartment in town. The university facilities are impressive and diverse. Though some are in old historic buildings and others are in a modern buildings built for the university, all are well maintained with up-to-date classrooms and labs. During my visit to Pecs, I met staff in the student residences, administrators from two different faculties, students from the medical program, and others.  What struck me in every single one of these meetings was how many international students are valued and taken care of at the university. There is an office to help international students in each of the departments, and even in the dorms. The departments offer all sorts of assistance to international students, including a group outing to get student residence permits, a course called “Providing a Soft Landing at the University and Pecs”, and a magazine for international students published a few times a year.  They continue to add English conducted programs that are of interest to international students and hold student focus groups to see what they can improve on. The students I met with were very happy with their experience at Pecs (you can see more about their thoughts on the general medicine program page).  When there are so many universities with good and affordable programs in Europe, a school's approach to international students is an important factor to look at.  Pecs certainly stands out in this area.<a href="<>"><></a>

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