Beyond the States is a single, comprehensive source for all the accredited, English-taught bachelor’s and master’s programs in continental Europe (excluding the UK and Ireland). We help students connect with and navigate their post-secondary educational opportunities to start and complete their bachelor’s degrees abroad. We serve as an online guide to the thousands of bachelor’s and master’s programs taught in English in continental Europe (excluding England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland).

We provide a range of packages to help students understand and qualify their choices. We also help navigate the processes. Descriptions of all the offerings are below and you can also check out our blog with suggestions for how and when to choose the level that meets your needs. Our memberships automatically renew unless canceled. For more information on our recurring memberships and our refund policy, please visit the following link: refund policy.

 Independent StudyHonor RollSalutatorianValedictorian
Your Cost$89/$149$315/$375$575$3,495
Database Access
($149 value)
6 Mo./1 Yr.6 Mo./1 Yr.One YearOne Year
Group Q&A Calls
($50/month value)
What's My Major List (Valued at $225)NoChoice of Either What's My Major or Best Fit ListChoice of Either What's My Major or Best Fit ListChoice of Either What's My Major or Best Fit List
List of Personalized
Best Fit Schools
($225 value)
NoChoice of Either What's My Major or Best Fit ListChoice of Either What's My Major or Best Fit ListChoice of Either What's My Major or Best Fit List
Monthly Call and Monthly Structured Email Exchange (Valued at $187.50 per month)NoNoNoIncluded
Consulting Sessions
(Valued at $150 each)
Unlimited Email Support (valued at $150 per month)NoNoNoIncluded
Total Value$749$934$1,424$6,824

Bachelor’s Memberships

Select a Plan:

Your total amount is $375.00

Master’s Memberships

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Your total amount is $215.00

Elements of Membership

Database Access

For bachelor’s students, each Beyond the States membership includes access to the database we created of all the English-taught programs in continental Europe (excluding the UK and Ireland). The Independent Study level allows for an option for six months of access. Each school listing includes information about the programs offered, tuition, location, and length of the program. In addition, all of the schools that have been ranked globally have an extended profile that includes information on admissions, housing, and student life. Country-specific information related to admissions and the visa requirements are also included in the database. We have sample pages you can view here and here. We are objective in that we don’t solicit or accept funds from the schools we profile. Some online guides only list the schools that pay them. Some educational consultants receive remuneration for sending students to one school over another. Please note, the master’s database has over 5,200 programs and is changing frequently, therefore we are limiting access to the master’s database directly.

Personalized List of Best Fit Programs

You complete a questionnaire that asks about interests, qualifications, and other individual information.  Based on this information, I will provide you with a short list of programs I think you should check out.  Since the bachelor’s database has more than 1,500 options, this can help answer the question, “Where do I start”? For master’s students, the “best fit list” is the default option. With over 5,200 programs, we’ve found that a guided search experience is best.

Personalized What’s My Major List

One difference between college in the US and Europe is that in Europe incoming students must apply to a specific program, so they must know what they want to study. For students who don’t know what they want to study, this aspect can lead to worry. The “What’s My Major” offering that helps students determine fields of study they should look at based on their aptitude and interests.


This is not broken down into a number of sessions because it is completely personalized to your needs and situation.  Some members benefit more from multiple short calls.  While others benefit more from email contact or texts. Others prefer to use the time for me to dig deeper to find answers to more specific information than is found in our database. When you join, you identify what you would like to use the services to achieve and we customize the service hours to best meet those needs. Additional consultation hours can be purchased for $150 per hour.

Monthly Call & Structured Email Exchange

Offered with the Valedictorian membership only, this offering is really designed to take a student from start to finish in the entire process. Beyond the States will provide a personalized plan and accountability system to keep a student on track through the process.

A Note About Our Professional Membership

Our Beyond the States memberships are designed for individual use. If you’re a college counselor or someone similar and would like to use our services with your clients, please contact us to discuss setting up a professional membership.