Soft Skills You Gain When Living Abroad!

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Episode Summary:

How much active parenting should we do for our teens and college-age students? How much does a parent’s “help” prevent teens from developing the skills they need to become independent and successful adults? How do we know when and how to step back?

In today’s show, we have the best guest for that matter! Jenn is joined with Nannette Ripmeester, a Global Labor Mobility expert, with over 25 years of experience in advising employers, universities, and governments. The two discuss how soft skills that students gain by living and studying abroad directly relate to their maturity, independence, and ultimately, employability. Tune in and find out more!

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Guest: Nanette Ripmeester

What you will hear in this episode:

  • Student’s parenting 101: When should parents step back?
  • What are soft skills and how to learn them
  • Interview with a Global Labor Mobility expert
  • International confidence and learning through mistakes
  • The expectations from EU Universities
  • From Honeymoon to Adaptation: Stages people go through when moving abroad
  • How to take a step back as a parent, and still encourage your kids during hard times
  • Employability after graduation in the EU (and back in the US)
  • The differences in the labor market now and 30 years ago
  • List of 7 skills for all competent booklets (and reviews) that all recruiters want
  • What countries are best for non-EU students to get a job
  • Biggest mistakes students make when choosing the university
  • All about our November Special


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