Fostering Student Independence (Encore)

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Episode Summary

No doubt, being independent is one of the most important qualities needed if you plan to study in Europe. Navigating in a foreign country, on your own, demands a large degree of self-reliance and pliancy, and it’s important to appreciate that colleges in Europe do far less hand-holding when compared to those in the states.

This topic never goes out of style, and is always shifting and fluid with the culture, such as now in the wake of the pandemic. With that in mind, Jenn revisits and updates a past podcast episode from 2018, geared toward parents, titled Fostering Student Independence. Listen in on how Jenn has helped her own children develop these skills over the years, and get ideas for things you can do at home, and while traveling, for your own family.

Many of us underestimate the resilience our kids have, but by underestimating this and trying to protect them from uncomfortable situations we prevent them from developing more resilience and independence thats going to help them through life.” –Jenn

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What you will hear in this episode:

  • Why developing independence is a prerequisite to attending college in Europe
  • How these skills are applied when a student is traveling and studying abroad
  • Specific ways parents can help develop skills like resilience and independence in their children
  • International volunteer/exploratory program recommendations for high schoolers


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