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  • Good Morning,
    I’m interested in Kozmiski University and I was searching some data about the students’ satisfaction after attending this institution. Coul I have please the source of the data where you take the 90% rating of students who find a job within 90 days after completing studies? Thank you, regards


  • Hi Andrea-
    When Jenn met with administrators & people from the Marketing department at Kozminski U., they told her the stat verbally, so its possible that it is based on their own data collection.

  • Would a degree from University of Warsaw be accredited within the U.SA.? So basically would the degree be equal to a degree from a U.S.A. university?

  • Hi Gavin, I pasted this from our Q&A page:
    Will my degree be recognized by schools and employers in the US?
    All of the schools we have listed are accredited and internationally recognized. In 1999, the Bologna declaration was signed by Education Ministers from 29 European countries. The purpose of the declaration was to create a European Higher Education Area with comparable and understandable degrees and credits across its member states. This enabled greater mobility for students in the E.U. Degrees across the participating countries coordinated the duration and structure of degrees which makes learning outcomes consistent and helps with quality control. There are now 47 participating countries. This is also helpful to US students who get their bachelors in Europe, but want to get their masters in the US. Their qualifications and education are much more understandable to the admissions officers in the US than in the past.