Studying with ADHD in Europe

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Episode Summary

In today’s episode, Jenn welcomes Liza, one of the original BTS members, who some of you might know from TikTok. She will talk about her experience studying in Europe, as a student with ADHD.

Furthermore, Liza will share her insights in how to utilize her strengths related to diagnosis and all the knowledge about strategies that help her personally in areas she struggles with. Tune in and learn how to use your disabilities as an advantage!

However, before we jump into an interview with Liza, you will get the latest updates on Sam’s studies in Europe and how he overcame the difficulties studying amid the global pandemic.

In addition, you’ll find all about October special, a Crunch Time Pack which is offered only twice a year. Get your Best Fit List soon enough! It’s limited to 5 students only.

“The positive thing about ADHD? When something is enjoyable, you can dive in!” Liza Majeski

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Guest: Liza Miezejeski

What you will hear in this episode:

  • Sam’s experience with ADHD through middle and high school
  • The challenges he faced studying online in the COVID era and
  • Why he transferred to study at Anglo American University in Prague
  • Liza’s experience studying in the EU as a student with ADHD
  • How to utilize strengths related to diagnosis
  • More stories of students with ADHD in Europe
  • Liza’s background in schooling with a learning disability
  • Deciding best options and programs for an ADHD student
  • Binding Study Advice in EU and other obstacles
  • How EU Universities adapted Covid measures
  • From Prague to Brussels: Going to different schools every year
  • Liza’s 504 plan
  • Advice for ADHD students that want to be proactive and develop learning skills
  • Chasing Dopamine: The positive sides of ADHD
  • Staying in Europe, or coming back to the US?


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