An Invaluable Resource for Our Family

Beyond the States has been an invaluable resource for our family in researching colleges in Europe. Prior to joining, we had no idea that there were degrees taught entirely in English in non-English-speaking countries! And the prices in Europe are so much more reasonable than in the U.S. Our kids have always been interested in studying overseas and becoming global citizens, and Beyond the States has shown us that they can do this with an entire degree, rather than just a semester. Jennifer and Tom have been invaluable resources for us, always answering every question promptly and thoroughly. They take a genuine interest in our children’s personal college interests. We love the informative online webinars, blog, and Facebook page. And the database has been a fantastic tool for us to initiate college research. Our family is particularly excited about college in Europe because my husband is from France. So the pursuit of a college degree in Europe will allow the kids to both visit family while there, as well as to explore and strengthen that side of their heritage. And we believe that an international college diploma will give them a great advantage when seeking a career. We’re also really looking forward to exploring the master’s degree options in Europe through Beyond the States. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us!

Shelly, parent, Michigan

There’s No Better Place I Could Have Ended Up

I am often astounded, in looking back, at how I ended up where I am. I went through the normal college process, got into some schools, didn’t get into some others, the differences between the schools being minuscule. I could have very easily ended up at another American college, had the typical American college experience, and have had the trajectory one might expect. However, a little over a year ago, almost as a fluke, I paid for the Beyond The States Best Fit List, and was subsequently introduced to about ten schools in Europe. When I was younger I would insist I would study in some far flung land, but as my college years approached I considered less and less this possibility. It had all but slipped my mind, until I came across Beyond The States. One of the schools to which I was introduced was Leiden University College, with which I became immediately enamored, due to its fascinating study program, its truly global student body, and its location in the heart of The Hague, one of the world’s major hubs for international diplomacy and law. Now, I am approaching the end of my first year at Leiden University College, and I know that there is no better place in which I could have ended up. And I know that I would not have, if it hadn’t been for the help of Beyond The States.

Theo, 19, student

Made My Dream A Reality!

I wish the database you and Tom have created existed when I was in high school. Without the database, and your assistance via the Best Fit list, I highly doubt, nay can say with almost absolute surety, that my longtime desire to study in Europe would be just months on the horizon. When you are unaware of how many programs are out there, and how to even go about searching for them, its an incredibly laborious task, as I’m sure you know all too well.

I’ve applied to multiple schools in Europe, after receiving feedback from Jenn via a “Best Fit” list. Two of my favorites, one of which I’ve already been notified I’ve been accepted to, were not in countries I initially had in mind! If it were not for the “Best Fit” list, those outstanding programs and schools would unfortunately not have been on my radar, as it were.

Nick, 23, Kentucky

Reassures Us This Is The Right Direction

The Beyond the States database allows us to sort and filter to find just the schools that have what we are looking for, which has is very helpful. Then the webcasts I have found confirming and reassuring as you really give a lot of relevant detail about the various subjects. Most comforting though have been the Q&A calls. As we have narrowed down our findings, we have more and more specific questions and not knowing can be worrisome. Being able to ask directly and hear your knowledgeable answers continues to reassure us that this is the right direction for us. Its a big deal doing something that outside the box and having your constant positive support is really key for us to continue to have the confidence to do this. Now that we’ve visited it really seems within reach.

Sarah, parent, North Carolina

Incredibly Helpful

When my daughter said she wanted to go to college in Europe, I was at a complete loss as to how to make that happen. Then I found Beyond the States. This site has been incredibly helpful to us by providing a thorough database of the many colleges available as well as offering informative webinars and blogs about the many facets of attending college in Europe. And best of all, Jennifer actually visits the colleges and so is able to give great insight into each one which helped us narrow down the choices to find the best fit. Jennifer is also great about promptly responding to any questions or concerns you may have. My daughter was recently accepted into the University of Pecs, Hungary and we couldn’t have done it without Beyond the States. I would highly recommend this site to anyone considering college in Europe.

Anne, parent, Oregon

Detailed Information from Current Students

The things I really appreciated about Beyond the States was the detailed information about programs abroad including pricing, programs and even living conditions with lots of articles from current students in particular countries. Definitely a real feel for what these students will experience once abroad. Also, the monthly calls were very informative and we definitely had whatever questions or concerns we had answered and frequent live conferences online were helpful as they hit a number of different topics and concerns for both students and parents. All and all, a great experience and we appreciate the help and information you have provided and continue to provide.

Dawn, parent, New York

Made a Dream into a Reality!

Beyond the States made something that was just a pipe dream into a reality! College in Europe seems so fanciful, but your database made it realistic and, even better, accessible. I really appreciated you database, mainly because it made a future that seemed unrealistic a reality; and so easily to! Thank you to you and your services, and I hope to be good example for you and your business.

Jennifer, 25, Oregon

Lost Without Beyond the States

I would not have even known where to start looking at colleges in Europe otherwise. They helped with searching for colleges that would fit me and also helped me through the application process. I am very grateful for all of the guidance that I have received from Beyond the States.

Sophie, 17, Michigan


I think the service you offer is wonderful… the informative articles, information webinars, the detailed database and the awesome matching service. I would not hesitate to recommend you and hope to engage your services again.

Sue, parent, Arizona