Reply To: Do schools allow kids to take a gap year and defer?

Beyond The States
October 25, 2023 at 3:25 am #56804

This really isn’t done in Europe as much. Some schools do allow it, but most don’t. First of all, there isn’t really a reason to do it, given the transparent admissions processes. Further, it makes more sense to apply the year before you apply because a) admissions is so transparent b) there will be other options the following year-not only new programs that are added but also Sweden is then open as an option (given Sweden requires a US high school diploma in-hand at time of application). Regarding the essay, most schools don’t require the motivation letter. If they are applying again for the same program and it does require a motivation letter, I would suggest an updated motivation letter that speaks to the relevant experiences that occurred in the year since they wrote the initial one.