College Beyond the States


Crush the myth of American exceptionalism and discover the European schools that will change your life without breaking the bank.

Worried about college debt?

Concerned about job prospects?

Admissions dictating your life?

Time to consider college in Europe!



Why should I read this book?

One single review from Amazon should tell you the whole story:

“Beyond the States” has lit a fire for our 16-year-old daughter and opened a world of possibilities for her. This book is a great place to start in exploring the possibility of sending your child to college in Europe. Jennifer Viemont, author of “Beyond the States”, also provides wonderful support services that include email support, classes for your child (choosing programs at European universities that match their interests, walking them through the applications process, etc.), phone consultations, access to an amazing data base of all the English-speaking programs in Europe (excluding the UK), etc. Her website is a wealth of information! If your child is considering college and loves to travel, I highly recommend reading “Beyond the States” then checking out her website. Hopefully it will light a fire for your child as well!


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