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    Guaranteed Admissions


    Unlock your dream academic journey with our exclusive full-service package for Bachelor’s or Master’s programs. It all starts with you—our admissions experts craft a tailored list of 3-5 programs, uniquely suited to your specific needs, preferences, budget, educational background, and more. We don’t stop there. We guide you through every step of the admissions process…

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    Perfect Placement


    This popular service, for Bachelor’ and Master’s prospects, is the cream of the crop. We use our expertise in creating a customized list of 3-5 programs just for you – based on the details of a comprehensive intake form you submit that digs deep into your needs, preferences, area(s) of study, budget, educational background, and…

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    Basic Explorer


    The DIY path allows you to browse thousands of accredited programs in Europe and around the world taught in English. You won’t have to bounce around hundreds of institutional websites in foreign languages, nor will you need to depend on free listing services that promote sponsored listings that may not be accredited at all. With…

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    Want it Faster?


    Get your Best Fit List in less than 5 business days!

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    Motivation Letter Review


    A motivation letter that swoons admissions faculty will ensure you leave a lasting impression and receive a quick decision. Add some sparkle to your application, ensure your motivation letter stands out from the rest, and set yourself up for admissions success.

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    • Submit your current motivation letter.
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  • One-on-One Consultation


    Have any pressing questions? Need expert guidance? Throw down with the best, in real time. Hop on a direct video call with chief college advisor Kristin Hamaker to discuss your college and program search, as well as important things to watch out for.

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    • 45-Minute One-on-One Session.
    • Talk directly with Kristin Hamaker.
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  • College Beyond the States


    Crush the myth of American exceptionalism and discover the European schools that will change your life without breaking the bank.

    Worried about college debt?

    Concerned about job prospects?

    Admissions dictating your life?

    Time to consider college in Europe!