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Join the thousands of families that used Beyond the States to reveal their ideal bachelor's & master's programs in Europe.

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European universities offer a wide range of English-taught programs and specializations that are not always available at American universities. With access to our database, you'll have the ability to explore new fields of study and discover more exciting career paths.

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Applying to college can be a stressful and overwhelming process, but it doesn't have to be. European colleges often have more transparent and attainable admissions requirements. With access to our database, you can easily find programs that align with your qualifications and interests.

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European universities often offer more affordable tuition rates compared to American universities. With access to our database, you'll be able to find the perfect program at a cost that works for you.

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Join the thousands of families that used Beyond the States to reveal their ideal bachelor's & master's programs in Europe.

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The European college landscape can be confusing and frustrating, so we designed courses to help you navigate the process without the mistakes.

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Artificial Intelligence
This program focuses on the design and implementation of state-of-the-art artificial intelligence systems, offering both computer science and engineering skills.
Imagine what a degree from the Netherlands will look like to a global employer like Google. European degrees work wonders!

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Genevieve C.
Hello everyone! I'm new in the group and thinking of the Netherlands, but I'm torn between two schools. Does anyone have any experience with Economics programs?
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Join the thousands of families that used Beyond the States to reveal their ideal bachelor's & master's programs in Europe.

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“For many families looking at hundreds of thousands in debt after a four-year education, fortunately, there are better options beyond the US. When you look at the economics and the cultural benefits of studying in Europe, it’s kind of a no-brainer.
Founder & Chief College Advisor

The savings are staggering!

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KU Leuven
US student in Belgium
UNC Chapel Hill
In-state in North Carolina
Duke University
Out-of-state in North Carolina
Living Expenses
Health Insurance
Annual Total
Total for Degree
A entire degree at a top-tanking college in Europe will cost only $40,104, and this includes tuition, housing, transportation, and other expenses like mandatory fees. If a student chooses the US and graduates in 4 years (of which less than 50% of students do), then the total cost as an in-state student would be $100,227 and $373,052 at an out of state private university. The difference is staggering – the entire cost at the end of his Bachelor’s in Belgium will be less than the cost for 1 year at Duke and less than 2 years at UNC. Sources: KU Leuven, UNC, Duke

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Learn more about it, discuss it with other students and parents, and dig into the city and country details. Which European city will you go to?

4. Apply and Get In

With your ideal program shortlisted, simply meet the requirements and you're in. No more arbitrary admissions to worry about.

Join the thousands of families that used Beyond the States to reveal their ideal bachelor's & master's programs in Europe.

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College advisors that help American students find better opportunities abroad.We are college advisors that help you with counseling for college admissions in Europe.

Beyond the States empowers your decision-making with the very best options in Europe 🎓

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Kelly found Beyond the States to be an indispensable tool for her daughter's college search.

"I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for our daughter.  When she told me she wanted to go to Europe for school, I thought there was no way.  I started doing research and found you and BTS.   From there we signed her up for master classes, scoured the data base and found the greatest community of parents in various stages of education in the EU.  We could not have done this without BTS!"
Kelly Thompson

Naomi loved the community of similar students and parents on the same boat!

"One thing that I found very helpful in this course was getting to communicate with people who were considering the same things I was and getting to listen to them pick your brain during the zoom calls."
Naomi Norris
Bachelor's Student

Beyond the States helped make the process easier for Heidi.

"The options for studying in Europe are amazing, but starting your research can be daunting! Beyond the States was indispensable in providing the information my student needed to understand how the European system works, which programs fit his interests, how to apply, and much more. It was well worth the investment! 💪🏽💪🏽"
Heidi Fong
Bachelor's Student

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"Beyond the States best fit list helped me find my dream university.  Using the expertise of Beyond the States helped me find a college that meets all my needs and I will graduate debt free. Thank you!"
Megan MacDonald
Bachelor's Student

Jordyn didn't like US colleges and is now going to Prague!

"So thankful we found Beyond the States for our daughter who is going to AAU Prague Fall 2021. This would NOT have been possible without BTS! Going through high school she knew she didn't want a typical US university and deal with the competitive nature of trying to get in. If we never found Beyond the States, I am not sure we would have even known about college abroad for a Bachelor degree in an English speaking program."
Jordyn Bichel

Andrew loved the powerful filters in the database.

"The database is extremely helpful and provides a great navigational toolset to find the right schools and programs I was looking for."
Andrew Gundal
Bachelor's Student

Makena loved the clarity  she got from the courses.

"I found this class extremely helpful because finding information about European schools could be very difficult especially if you don't have a college counsellor to ask like me. I learned a lot about the process of applying and it helped me kind of narrow down what I'm interested in academically. There were pieces of information that I learned from this course that you can't really find on the internet because it's something you learn from experience. Thank you :)"
Makena Behnke
Bachelor's Student

Laura went to the Netherlands!

"The Beyond the States database was helpful in providing at a glance information about schools in the Netherlands. I found Jenn's webinar on the Netherlands very informative and especially appreciate understanding the distinction between applied science schools and research universities. 💰"
Laura Stef-Praun
Bachelor's Student

Ali found the database extremely helpful!

"Beyond the States has been amazing in helping me narrow down my daughter's options and commit to a school in Europe. It brought us further in the process after doing research on our own and provided information about universities that we couldn't find ourselves!"
Ali Riddle

With Beyond the States, you'll have the luxury of choice.

With Beyond the States, you get access to 11,600+ European bachelor's & master's programs across 870 universities, 550 cities, and 212 areas of study, plus all the resources you need to get there. No sponsorships. No bias.
English-taught bachelor's programs in our database.
English-taught master's programs in our database.
Beautiful European cities to choose from.
Top-tier universities accepting international students.
Typical savings against a private university in the US.
Typical savings against in-state tuition in the US.
All inclusive of tuition, living, food, books, health insurance, travel expenses, as well as hidden fees. Compiled with data from students and the official websites from KU Leuven, UNC, and Duke.

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European universities offer a unique and exciting opportunity for American students to break free from the traditional college experience. Not only will you have access to world-class education and renowned professors, but you'll also get to immerse yourself in a new culture and gain a global perspective. With our database, you'll be able to easily find the perfect program for you, learn the admissions process, and unlock the door to endless possibilities. So why settle for an ordinary, debt-ridden education when you can have an extraordinary one without the shackles of student loans?

Join the thousands of families that used Beyond the States to reveal their ideal bachelor's & master's programs in Europe.

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