Thinking of College in Europe?

You will find an abundance of free information on this site, but here is the Cliff Notes version:

  • You don’t need to know a foreign language!
    There are 3000+ bachelor’s degree programs taught entirely in English-offered at universities in EU/EEA countries.  There are even more options for master’s degree programs!
  • College in Europe is much more affordable than you might think.
    The average tuition for international students is right around $8,000 per year. There are hundreds of options under $4,000 per year and 50 that are tuition free-even for international students!
  • There are transparent and attainable admissions requirements providing an escape from the US admission rat race.
    College in Europe helps provide a competitive edge in the job market-not only due to the emphasis many schools have on internships, but also due to the development of soft skills that employers are seeking.
  • College in Europe will change your life in ways you can’t even imagine!

“We found a ton of possibilities in the database, with all the important information — and we learned so much watching Jenn’s webcasts. My son has now applied to 3 schools in Europe and we will be saving thousand of dollars a year! BTS gave us the confidence and knowledge to make the best decision. I am so thankful!”

– Lori Davison

“The list Jennifer provided was tailored exactly to what I needed. I found a great school in Prague that’s well under my budget at 297 euros! I wouldn’t have been able to get this info without this service. I’m really grateful for her.”

– Max Yarborough

“Finding this information online can be very difficult, so I found this class extremely helpful! I learned a lot about the process in Europe, and it helped me narrow down what I’m interested in academically. Thank you :)”

– Makena Behnke

Earn your degree while seeing the world.

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