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In the DIY pathway, discover an array of accredited programs across Europe and globally, all taught in English. Skip the hassle of navigating foreign-language institutional sites or relying on sponsored listings that might lack accreditation. At Beyond the States, uncover a comprehensive collection of accredited English-taught programs, simplifying your search process.

Access to the Database:

With the DIY path, explore thousands of accredited European programs taught in English with a convenient monthly subscription. Bypass the complexities of navigating numerous foreign language websites or unverified listing services. At Beyond the States, find all accredited English-taught programs conveniently located in one accessible database.

Online Course Offerings:

In addition to accessing the unparalleled database of 11,400 English-taught programs across Europe, gain entry to online courses that navigate program selection and college admissions processes. These courses guide you in identifying your ideal study area, assessing suitable countries, considering tuition fees, and other crucial aspects for swift matching.

While social media or online portals might offer assistance, their information can be restricted or biased. Our self-paced courses delve deep into essential topics, providing actionable steps to navigate the intricate European college landscape, averting frustration or disappointment.

Exclusive Courses:

You’ll gain access to two self-paced courses:

1. “Choosing a University” – A comprehensive four-part course aiding in establishing your criteria for program and school selection. Covering budget considerations, admission requirements, and field of study preferences, this course also identifies aspects to look for or avoid in schools, programs, locations, and campus life.

2. “How to Choose a Major” – A three-part course beneficial even if you have a clear study path in mind. Through lessons and exercises, this course aligns your unique interests with European study areas, guiding you towards well-suited programs.

Members-Only Forum:

Upon purchasing this package, immediate access to our exclusive members-only forum becomes available, an invaluable resource for comprehensive information on studying abroad.

Exclusive Members-Only Facebook Group:

By acquiring this Package, you don’t just gain entry to top European universities; you become part of our vibrant, supportive family within our exclusive Members-Only Facebook Group!

Inside the Exclusive Group:

Connect with like-minded individuals passionate about global education, access firsthand insights from current students and alumni, explore European cities’ treasures, access educational resources, receive personalized guidance, engage in global conversations, and unlock endless opportunities for academic and international exploration!

With Beyond the States, you’re family.

Discover all the English-taught European college programs in one place.

Beyond the States provides easy access to 11,600+ European bachelor’s and master’s programs across 870 universities, 550 cities, and 212 areas of study, plus all the resources you need to get there. No sponsorships. No bias.


English-taught bachelor’s programs in our database.


Beautiful European cities to choose from.


Typical savings against a private university in the US.


English-taught master’s programs in our database.


Top-tier universities accepting international students.


Typical savings against in-state tuition in the US.

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