Podcast: Ellie’s Path to European College?


Ellie’s path to European college?

college in europe

Episode Summary

Jenn has an interesting announcement about the upcoming podcast interviews around studying and living abroad with some of the top-selling book authors on that matter. Particularly, William Deresiewisz, Jeffrey Selingo, and Tim Leffel are unquestionably inspiring guests and Jenn is more than excited to talk to them! For now, you can check out their books, which you can find in the episode links below! 

“I want to allow her to go through this process and make a choice that is best for her, but she needs to first gain insight into how to determine what is best for her. “ Jenn

Today’s episode is a bit different as Jenn provides first-hand information on how pursuing the options in Europe can look from start to finish, in a deeper way; a case study. There is nobody Jenn knows better in the world than her daughter Ellie. Hence, we will find out how she chose her areas of study, how she decided on a school, all about the requirements for admission, and a surprising request Ellie has made which may change everything!

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What you will hear in this episode:

  • The announcement of upcoming shows & guests
  • Ellie’s case: The process from start to finish
  • Exploring the options in Europe with her brother, Sam
  • International experience: Learning for the sake of learning or for the resume?
  • The differences between US and EU admissions requirements
  • Relating interest areas to areas of studies
  • Where to go: Ireland, Netherlands or – back to the States?
  • The stages in the development of individuation: Is it OK to take a different path?
  • The importance of students knowing their reasons for going to a specific college and
  • Why it’s necessary to go through the whole process and insight, before deciding what college is the best
  • All about the November special


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