Reply To: A proposed bill wants schools in the Netherlands to hold more classes in Dutch

Kristin Hamaker
February 21, 2024 at 11:35 am #61996

Update on this topic in the Netherlands, from us at Beyond the States as of February 2024:

So, Dutch university chiefs took it upon themselves to meet, and they’ve put a proposal together – this is only a proposal, and nothing has been implemented yet. But the plan is as follows, and this is ONLY relevant to bachelor’s programs in the Netherlands:

1. Overall, reduce # of English-taught bachelor’s degrees
2. Improve Dutch language proficiency (this one is a bit vague, but it may mean compulsory Dutch-language classes for international students)
3. Cut foreign student #’s
4. All bachelor degrees will have at least some Dutch teaching (this one is vague)
Scrap any foundation (or bridging) years for international students
5. Dutch universities will no longer recruit for programs where there isn’t a labor market shortage
6. ALL programs will now be offered in Dutch (for the benefit of Dutch citizens)
7. Work with local employers etc to increase student stay-rate

For now, this won’t really apply to more technical degrees – like Engineering – since there is a labor shortage in this field. Some Dutch universities, that are almost entirely technical, will be exempt from these rules.

Overall, this is pretty HUGE news, and is indicative that things are moving forward in the Netherlands on these changes. The Netherlands is, by far, the most popular country for English-taught programs, and for specific types of programs that you can’t mimic elsewhere in Europe very well.

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