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We created Beyond the States with our former selves in-mind. Figuring out how to find affordable higher education was emotionally taxing and financially difficult, so we thought it would be beneficial to put all your questions to rest! We're here to help you build a better life abroad, no matter your background.

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Budget-friendly degrees.

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Discover programs that keep you away from the shackles of college debt.

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This program requires a High School Certificate or International Baccalaureate Diploma or Equivalent. Application deadlines are October or February.
Europe is different because there's no need to fluff up your resume.

Explore career options.

Imagine what a degree from the Netherlands will look like to a global employer like Google. European degrees work wonders!

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Learn the ins and outs of the college selection and admissions process, with all the help you need to get you there.

The savings are staggering!

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KU Leuven
US student in Belgium
UNC Chapel Hill
In-state in North Carolina
Duke University
Out-of-state in North Carolina
Living Expenses
Health Insurance
Annual Total
Total for Degree
A entire degree at a top-tanking college in Europe will cost only $40,104, and this includes tuition, housing, transportation, and other expenses like mandatory fees. If a student chooses the US and graduates in 4 years (of which less than 50% of students do), then the total cost as an in-state student would be $100,227 and $373,052 at an out of state private university. The difference is staggering – the entire cost at the end of his Bachelor’s in Belgium will be less than the cost for 1 year at Duke and less than 2 years at UNC. Sources: KU Leuven, UNC, Duke

Who is this for?

High school students.

Discover programs that keep you away from the shackles of college debt.

Master's candidates.

Imagine what your job application will look like to a global employers like Google!

Open-minded parents.

Thousands of other parents are sending their kids to the best universities in the world.

Travelers & adventurers.

Spend your weekends and breaks traveling! All of Europe is at your fingertips.

Make your next move a meaningful one.

Whether you're looking to Eat, Pray, Love in Italy for a few years and come back home, or looking to build your career abroad entirely, we have the resources you need to make it happen.

Discover all the English-taught European college programs in one place.

Beyond the States provides easy access to 11,600+ European bachelor's and master's programs across 870 universities, 550 cities, and 212 areas of study, plus all the resources you need to get there. No sponsorships. No bias.
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English-taught master's programs in our database.
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Top-tier universities accepting international students.
Typical savings against a private university in the US.
Typical savings against in-state tuition in the US.
All inclusive of tuition, living, food, books, health insurance, travel expenses, as well as hidden fees. Compiled with data from students and the official websites from KU Leuven, UNC, and Duke.

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