Triple Crown

The Balkans refer to a geographic region in the southeastern peninsula of Europe. It is undoubtedly the most diverse region of Europe, with many peoples, religions, and cultures living alongside each other. There is some debate about which countries make up the Balkans, but usually included are Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Croatia, and sometimes Greece and the European side of Turkey. The region has a complex and turbulent history. In the 1990s, the region was known for the terrible Yugoslav wars, which were ethnic conflicts between former Yugoslav Republics of the Balkans. However, the region is now at peace and has not seen conflict since 2002. The different nations that comprise the Balkans are known for their immense beauty and rich culture. Currently, there are two nations in the Balkans where you can study: Slovenia and Croatia. In the north of the Balkan region is Slovenia. Although the country only has a population of 2 million, it has an international outlook with many achievements in areas such as sports and science. It is a country of beautiful landscapes and vibrant cities. The country is most famous for its unspoiled mountains, rivers, and lakes. In winter, Slovenia is popular for winter sports, and skiing and snowboarding are popular in mountainous areas. While in summer, the country is a popular place for activities such as white water rafting. There is also 47km of coastline in the west of the country on the Adriatic Sea.