BTS Podcast (54)
Beyond The States
Finding the Perfect Place for You

Why are certain places a perfect choice for some people but a mistake for others?

Generally speaking, something doesn’t have to be “better than” or “worst than”, it can just be defined as different. Moreover, something is very rarely universally “better than” or “worse than”, rather, it is a matter of the specific person’s preferences. Whether we are talking about food and fashion or homes and education. Hence, how to make choices that match your personality and expectations when it comes to living and studying abroad?

Jenn and her guest discuss this topic. She is joined with Tim Leffel, a writer, an editor, a publisher, and an author of numerous books about traveling. Stay tuned as Tim shares his rich experience of traveling to many countries and also suggests the importance of setting the right priorities when choosing a country to stay.

“You need to know what is crucial for you to have in your life ahead of a time and to be prepared for cultural differences.”, Tim Leffel