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People are often surprised at the wide range of roles available in the insurance industry. As long as you’re good with numbers, can interact positively with people from a wide variety of backgrounds, and hold yourself to a high standard of integrity, there is almost certainly a rewarding career waiting for you in insurance. ​Risk management is a closely related concept incorporated in undergraduate insurance degrees. This involves the systematic identification, assessment, and mitigation of financial hazards (and opportunities). Aside from insurance companies, the government, non-profit organizations, stock and foreign exchange trading firms, and large corporations all have opportunities for risk management experts. ​Aside from risk management, a bachelor’s degree in insurance covers the intricacies of commercial, life, and personal insurance, insurance law, some mathematics, as well as general business courses.​Many roles in the insurance industry involve working with large amounts of data, so an analytical mindset and familiarity with statistics and computers will be advantages. Attention to detail and a knack for customer service will also come in very handy after graduation.