All International Education

Teaching a group of students from the same country and culture as your own is difficult enough. When they’re not necessarily all at the same level in the language of instruction, things become more difficult. ​Perhaps more importantly, all cultures contain certain assumptions and values that are so basic to their worldviews that they are practically invisible to us. When there is a mismatch in these perspectives between teacher and students, or among different students, even greater barriers to learning exist.​These are some of the problems a degree in international education teaches you to address. This is in addition to the training in pedagogical theories and practices you’d expect in any teaching degree.​Naturally, international education is one degree it makes sense to obtain abroad. European universities offer the reputation for educational excellence which will allow you to use your degree either to find employment or pursue advanced studies. In addition, studying in Europe gives you the opportunity to learn a second language while also immersing yourself in a foreign culture. Both are advantageous to a future international teacher.